Beauty in Five Words

In Natalie Grant's book "the Real Me" there is an exercise to do. It says that when you hear the word beauty what do you think of? Name 5 things.. and so I put...
1) good hair

2) tan all over

3) well done makeup

4) healthy body

5) laughter

Thinking about this, isn't it awful that this is what we think is beautiful? That the Hollywood way of thinking has transferred over into our hearts? We see all the time on TV and on the Internet all these "beautiful starlets" and they have everything that looks "perfect" but what you don't see is the hours it takes to achieve that and how unhappy they are because they don't look like that naturally. This really is a distorted look on beauty. You know what true beauty is? Psalm 139:13-14, "I praise you because I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made." Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made when we look in the mirror and say, "God, why couldn't you have made me "hot"?" or "Lord, my nose is way too big. Why did you do this?" We're saying that God made a mistake in the way He made us. But to remind you, God is PERFECT. He cannot make mistakes. You were made in your His beauty and His image. What you need is to accept that you ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. If you don't believe that then pray about it. Just remember this week that you are chosen and beautiful. Have a blessed day!!


  1. That is beautiful! Well said. Lisa Bevere talks about this very thing in her book Beauty Redefined. I was fortunate enough to hear her talk about it. Very powerful message. I used to really struggle with my looks, now I remind myself that it is putting Him down when I think that way, and then tell myself I am beautiful. Thanks for a great message and reminder. You are beautiful!

  2. This past week I feel like the ugliest person in the world....


    so reading what you wrote here really touched my heart ....

    thank you for sharing this friend



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