Got dreams? Let them be His!!

Don't you ever just have longings and different dreams you wish you could snap your fingers and have? I know I do. Sometimes I just dream about being in a different State and having a different life. I know that this is the life God wants me to have but sometimes I want a different one. Sometimes I dream about the future and who I will meet and sometimes I just sit and think about the next step God wants me to take in my life. But what really got me thinking about this would be a book that I'm reading. Passion & Purity by: Elisabeth Elliot, and she talks about her longings and things she wanted to do with her life but first wanted to make sure that it was God's will. I've had many different struggles (still do) but God has/is helping me overcome all of them. It's a process though. I've really been learning about being content with what God has for me at this point. It's not bad to think about the future and dream about what it holds but sometimes its not good for us because we become unhappy with what we have right now. I just want to remind you to stay content with what God has for you right now. We can do a little soul searching and praying and tell God what we would like. Ultimately it comes down to whether it is God's will or not. You will know when it is. How? You may ask, well Ive always noticed that when it is God's will a) everything falls into place (most of the time), and b) your heart will feel at peace. Keep being passionate! love you guys~!! God Bless!


  1. great post!! love that book!! you are awesome!

  2. I really like your blog! Great posts too!
    God's will is the best place to be no matter how difficult it can be. He is so faithful to His people! He wants to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to meet you!


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