It's NOT alright!!!

Why are some people so oblivious? Nobody goes below the surface anymore. Instead of asking "how are you?" and then walking away, it would be nice to see people stay around and talk to that person. But that is not what this post is about. Nope, this post is about something that has been laid so heavy on my heart I HAVE to share it. To "set the scene" a bit I'll tell you that Spring Break is coming up (or for some people it already is). You know what happens on Spring Break? Yup, party party, drunk, drunk. Some people's lives are ruined during Spring Break. It's not alright. It is NOT alright. Nobody addresses or talks about anything anymore. Nobody will tell someone, "that's wrong." No. Why? Because the world has changed it that all is okay and nothing is wrong. There are no standards or boundaries or anything. It's really upsetting. But I believe that God is bringing back standards for us and it is our job as Christians to set the example. People say there is nothing you can do about the drug and alcohol abuse that is going on. God says we can set the example. Heard about a story yesterday on the news that there was a girl (16 I think) who sent pictures of herself naked to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend sent it to some friends and they sent it to the whole school. She committed suicide. Last year there was a girl in Florida who went for Spring Break got raped and then killed herself. Obviously people are trying to fill the void in their hearts with something that will last a little while and end with their heads around a toilet for hours. I'm not able to physically go and help people out on spring break but I can you can be in prayer for this. Will you join me in praying for the youth of the nation? God is gonna do something so amazing!!!!!!!!!! love you guys alot!!



  1. Thanks for you comment! :)
    You are a bold little chicky for christ ( in a good way of course :) ) Amazing and well spoken post ;)

  2. I believe that we all need to pray for the youth of our nation too. As well as all non believers. It is a scary world out there if you dont have Jesus to guide you.

  3. We must all take a stand and be on Fire to let people know that God loves them NO MATTER WHAT!!! When people ask me how I am doing? I always say FABULOUS... They are shocked and then they want to know why am I so FABULOUS... Then I say: It is because of Jesus!!! Love your blog!!!



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