Let's Get Serious

Let's get serious for a minute, okay? What is our purpose in the world? To be the salt and light of the world. Matthew 5:14 says, "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden." So why do we as Christians try so hard to hide our Light? Everybody is so afraid of being rejected (myself included) but why? You know who didn't care whether He was liked or not? Jesus! So if He didn't care what other people thought of Him why should we? We shouldn't! I've decided to do God's will regardless of what people say or think. I don't care if people like me or if I'm doing what is most popular. God's will for me is way more important. Christianity is not supposed to be a "trend" but I think that for awhile that's what has been in "Vogue" so to speak. However living for Christ is so much more than going to Church or saying the right things. It really is a lifestyle. I like to ask myself this ever-so-often, if I were to die in 10 minutes where would I go? It's a good question to ask yourself to keep in line. So have you asked yourself? Would you go to Heaven or Hell? I want to know the real Jesus and I want the rest of the world to know Him too. We aren't perfect. God knows we will never be. God is not looking for you to be perfect (even though there may be people who hold you up to high unattainable standards.) what God is looking for is your heart. I don't want to spend my life being afraid of telling people about Jesus Christ and that He saved us from going to Hell, just because people may think of me in a way that isn't what I would want. I always think about Galatians 1:10 where Paul says that if he were trying to win the approval of people he would not be a servant of Christ. So that is my mindset from 'point A' on. The fact of life is this, you've got ONE life and you need to figure out what way you want to LIVE it and when you think of how you want to live your life ask yourself this, "Am I really living?" and "What or Who am I living for?" Because this life here on Earth is temporary but very important. Because it our purpose to show the world (I say show because I believe that your actions DO speak louder than words.) who this Jesus is and truly how Awesome He is!! So what is your answer to all this? I'm not trying to scare people or get on your bad side but to be honest you know that there is a time when eventually your life will come to an end and I want you to have the comfort of knowing that you'll be spending eternity with Jesus! As we are breathing now let's live our lives completely for Him!! thanks for reading! love you guys alot!! And remember that your life matters!!


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