Seeking Him

Hello blogging buddies! So today I am posting on something I just learned and am continuing to learn about.... seeking God.

"...If you seek Him, He will be found by you;.." 1 Chronicles 28:9

Okay, the most awesome thing happened last night! I was sitting in my room reading the Word and talking to God. I was writing in my journal and the most clear, still small voice said, "If you seek Me you will find Me." I didn't have to think about it or anything I KNEW that this was God speaking to me. (That's something that I had trouble with for awhile was figuring out what voice was God's, what voice was mine, and what voice was satan's, but I prayed about it and God did the rest!) Anyways, I know what God was talking about too. I've been reading a lot about different things in prayer and stuff and I just realized that I haven't been seeking God the way I need to be. It wasn't done intentionally, God knows that, but it's like sometimes we forget to seek Him and just do all the "right" things and not pay much attention. So God convicted me with that and started taking apart some of the reasons why I haven't been seeking Him like I need to.

During that I learned that time has a lot to do with it. Sometimes it's so hard to juggle life and school and work and all this stuff and still spend some quality time with the King. On top of that I really like spending time with my family as do lots of other people and it just seems there's never enough time to do all of that. Then God showed me that there is time for it all but I need to let Him have my schedule and He will weed out all the unnecessary things. And let me tell you, I just realized that there are a LOT of things that are just plain dumb to waste time on.

So, this weekend my focus is on seeking God with all of me because He will be found if we do. And I want to ask you if you are willing to seek God this weekend too and just really get into His presence? It will really bless you if you do! Something cool to do is get a pen and some paper and sit down and write down all the stuff you spend your time doing. Everything and then lay it before the Lord and pray over it. See the stuff that He wants you to get rid of and the stuff He wants you to spend more time doing. I love you guys and hope you have a really blessed weekend!!!!!!! God Bless


  1. Would it be OK if I feature your blog in a post on my new blog "Relection" on April 2, 2009?

  2. Love this blog and I'll be coming back often. Thanks for the encouragement. The still small voice is so easy to ignore. OK I feel awkward asking but feel I should so ...I just entered a contest in photography and I need to rally votes to be considered in the top 20. the deadline is apri 3 and part of me says impossible- just impossible. But there is that other part that says, "God can do anything". My proposal is humble and well I only need about 500 votes in 3 days! So here is the link. It is self explanatory. you can read my story about Family and see if you want to vote for me. http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/Simplylove/family-the-cornerstone-of-humananity/

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  4. Some people have an Idea that God is inclusive for mans eternal destiny, that all religions and all people will be saved. That God will allow all of mankind to enter into heaven because everybody is good so God must be fair and include everyone! It is true God does love the whole world but God is exclusive about mans eternal destiny without the Savior. To keep this simple man has a problem called sin in which man refuses to believe that there are eternal consequences for having sin, which is a one way ticket to hell. God is holy and he will not allow anyone with sin to enter into heaven. God is hurt and angry about our sin, we have broken his laws. But God is just and good and he knows our need so he provided a solution to our problem. His solution to our problem is to have our sins removed by having our sins placed on someone else, a sacrifice for us; paying for the penalty of the sin we have in our lives. So that someone else would get the penalty of Gods wrath and separation on him that was meant for us. So God sent his son Jesus on a mission from heaven to earth as our sacrifice to die on the cross on our behalf after this happened three days later Jesus came back from the dead, alive. But that’s not all remember I wrote that God is exclusive about mans eternal destiny without the Savior? The only way that Gods promise can be applied to your life is for you to turn from your way of thinking and know that your sin offends and hurts God and call on the Lord Jesus who’s alive to save you. Your sins are then transferred to Jesus for what he did at the cross, dying and being abandon by God because of your sins, for you and because Jesus arose from the dead he is alive you can now enter into a relationship with God. Will you call out to Jesus to save you? It’s your choice to enter in exclusively with God’s grace for you. Where will you want to spend eternity after hearing Gods promise for you?
    If the answer was yes that you do want Jesus as your sin bearer, Savior, and you do believe God raised Jesus from the dead you can pray with your voice.

    “Dear Lord Jesus save me.”

    Acts 20:21 Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance towards God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.



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