Set it on Fire and a question

I wanna set the world on fire

All of our hearts have different cries but I believe they all come down to being a part of something and doing something much bigger than ourselves. The above verse is from a song by Britt Nicole called Set the World on Fire. It has been echoing in my head for the past hour now. I wanna set the world on fire for Jesus Christ and the only thing left remaining to that is how. To reach out to people and see them accept Jesus is something that I long to do everyday. But like many people I have my days where I am afraid and scared to talk to people and not very bold in the confidence Jesus has given all of us. But on those days is when I feel like the biggest failure because I know people need Him it's just some days aren't my best and that's when I need God the most to pick me up when I've fallen flat on my face. I get so fired up and excited when I think about how Jesus walked the earth and told everyone about His Father no matter what kinda day He was having. I mean come on, Jesus may have had bad days Himself but He knew why He was on this earth and that is something that we all would be better off if we would go forth in the purpose God has for us and walk it everyday. So this week a goal to live out would be... be confident in the life God has called you to and try your best to walk it every single day no matter how life may be going. Remember that Jesus is on your side no matter what. I'm really gonna try my hardest to do that. I know it's not easy especially when life is getting hard as heck but it's so rewarding when you look back and say, "hey, even when it was hard I still did my best for You, Lord." And now I have a question that I would love everyone to answer. Just a little something I was thinking about... what is a unique way that you witness? You do not have to answer if you don't want to. love you guys a ton!!!! have a greatly blessed week!!!


  1. I think you and I both do so through Blogging :)
    Other ways, are just trying to work up that confidence you were writing about, by just talking to random people and inviting them to prayer meetings, my church etc. Also when friends, or anyone, asks me for advice, I reply with how I'd want my Lord and Savior to- not just merely by my own thoughts. (that last things I need to work on more though).

    Another great entry ^_^

  2. Good post! You can set world on fire in so many positive ways :) X.

  3. My favorite way is to invite the Mormon missionaries over to make sure they have heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes me sad that they may go through life without ever hearing anything except false religion.

  4. In normal conversations, I try to incorporate how "thankful I am to God" or how "blessed" I am. Instead of bombarding people with religious jargon, I usually just incorporate how awesome God is into regular conversations. Maybe I should do both, lol. :)


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