I prayed for God to show me the correct time for me to share my testimony on here since everything is about His timing and I feel led to do so now. So bare with me and please take a minute to read about what God can and will bring you through.

When I was 2 my parents got divorced. However my dad never came back afterwards. A lot of hurt and anger came along with him leaving. I began having trouble with my anger and couldn't control whatsoever. I had an outburst everyday which consisted of cursing, yelling, hitting, screaming, and crying. This went on for about 12 years I think. It's a wonder I survived that, anyhow, I've always been raised in Church but I didn't think anything of what I was hearing it was all just something you did. I stopped going to Church for a while to try and figure out where my place in the world was. Wasn't long before I realized that I NEED God.

When I went back to Church I prayed that God would become real to me. And that He did, I began a personal relationship with Him but still had not surrendered myself completely to Him. I listened to music that didn't glorify Him at all and that's when I learned that, that stuff really can mess your mind up and make really, really impure. I spent a while struggling with that and finally I went to a thing called Disciple Now which completely changed me by God. That was something that helped me experience God and know what His love felt like. And that Love is what I needed. I than gave over EVERYTHING that I had and surrendered because I knew that was the only way I could be used was if I was fully surrendered to Him.

For the first time in my life I knew what I heard people talk about with God firsthand. Along the way I have had many many struggles with forgiving, loving, not allowing people to get to me and so on. One of the main things I struggled with for a VERY long time was my appearance. I've always had a bit of a weight problem and let me tell you that not a soul let me forget about it. The people at my Church even made their comments about how I looked. It hurt really bad. That was one thing that I had a hard time forgiving but seventy times seven isn't in the Bible just to read, it's meant to be put to practice. After trying nearly every diet, even throwing up a few times I learned that God loves me as I am. God used Psalm 139 to minister to me and tell me how I am fearfully and wonderfully made and so that is what I now believe all because of Him. All the glory goes to God and God alone because I could never have gone through anything on my own. I tried, but I failed.

Everyone, I want you all to know and encourage you that no matter what your going through God will bring you through it! He tells us in His Word that He never put something on us that is too hard to bare. God is FAITHFUL, and He loves His children with a passion like no other so just remember that. love you guys lots and have a blessed week~

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  1. Good testimony of God's faithfulness. He loves us unconditionally and unending. Thanks for sharing.


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