And The Difference Is....

"And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean." Ezekiel 44:23

First to start off this post, I want to remind everyone who reads this that none of us are perfect, we are just forgiven. However we as God's servants are called to live a different life.

Now, when I was reading that verse this morning God began together things that I have been learning about the past few weeks. God has been taking me on a journey. He has been preparing my heart for ministry I believe and He has been getting rid of a lot of junk that has been in my life and my heart. It has been a bit painful, but so worth it. Anyways, God began speaking to me this morning. He was showing me the world and then He was showing me the Church. And BOOM! hit me like a ton of bricks, there wasn't much difference between either one. The Church looks just like the world. Now I'm not saying all of the Church, there are the few who let their lives look different, but I believe that it is time for the whole Church as ONE to Unite and be the example.

The first thing God showed me was the clothing. Whatever happened to 'Modest is Hottest'? Now I have no problem with what people wear, God doesn't look at the outside He looks at the heart and the lifestyle. But I do have a problem when someone wears something that causes a brother or sister to sin. People only talk about how girls should dress modest so that guys don't sin, but what about guys dressing modest so that girls don't sin? Yes, girls have that problem too. Maybe not as much, but I have talked with many, many, girls who have said, "I wish guys would wear their pants so low." or "I wish guys weren't always walking around with their shirt off for no good reason except to show off their body." I'm not saying that girls need to walk around with dresses on and that they should be down to the floor, but how about wearing things that fit rightly and maybe don't show off as much of your body. We girls need to show ourselves a little respect. And guys, how about wearing your pants a little higher so that we don't see your boxers every time you bend over. We are called to live differently and sometimes that means looking different. If someone doesn't like you simply because you aren't wearing stuff that comes up to your belly button, then they never liked you in the first place.

The second thing God showed me was that we as Christians fill our minds with the same stuff as the world. We watch the same shows that the world watches and as much as I want to say, oh but it's okay blah, blah, blah.. I can't because that's not the truth. When we watch TV shows that are filled with cussing, sex, among other things that stuff will eventually begin to dwell in your mind. Same thing for music, when we listen to the worldly music it will eventually weigh on our minds and cause us to sin because our minds aren't honoring God. I'm not saying cut the TV off (because if your like me, there is a slight "need" for TV at times lol ;) but just check what your watching and ask yourself, if Jesus was sitting next to me would He be happy with what I'm watching? I've had to cut TV shows off before because I know that they aren't honoring Him.

And lastly God showed me the lifestyle. I read an interview one time with a person who wouldn't go to Church and when they asked that person why they replied, "Because every time I go to Church I see people doing the exact same thing I am, except they call themselves a 'Christian', but I'm not looking for the same thing, I want something different." And it's the truth. I've had times when my life was looking the same as everybody elses and when I noticed God began showing me how to change that. I have been at Church before and heard some people say something very... filthy. Our lifestyles NEED to be different not for our sake, but because we are representing the King of kings and our lifestyle will show the world who He is, not just who we are.

I'm not pointing the finger or saying that I am so much better than someone else. What I am saying is that all of us, myself included need to take a look at our lives and see what needs to be changed so we can better represent our Savior. It's not easy and sometimes it's gonna be painful, but let me tell you right now that you will feel SOO much better when you can sit before the Lord knowing that you are different for His cause!!!! I LOVE all of you!!! God bless~!


  1. Our God is an Awesome God....
    Thank you again for praying for my friend Jesse! Your prayers mean so much. You are so sweet!



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