Authentic Beauty

I just finished reading Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. God has gifted Leslie with a talent like no other. I was in Awe of my Savior as I was reading this book. I think that EVERY woman or girl should read this book. What it has done while I have been reading it is beyond words. This book will show you have to encounter your True Prince in a way that you have never known. This book will show you how to have godly relationships and that sometimes in order to truly honor your Prince you have to give up some things and some people. While I was reading this God began a great work on my heart and He isn't done yet. There were painful moments but God is the Healer and has broken through a lot of walls built up in my heart that I didn't even know were there. I just really encourage all of you to pick up a copy of this book and read it and I know the Lord will bless your heart as you do!! Leslie Ludy has a website and if you want to visit it http://authenticgirl.com go to the link :) love you all!


  1. I COULD NOT agree with you more :)
    That is SUCH a phenomenal book and it drastically changed my relationship with God. I just finished reading her and Eric's book "When God Writes Your Love Story", and it's true- God has given them such a gift in the ministry that they are doing.

  2. I'm a huge Lesly's fan

    she is like a role model and also the relationship she has with her husband

    I've been trying to get that book for months!
    I can't buy it on line because I don't have a credit car or anything like that so I'm waiting for my favorite bookstore in my country to bring it :(

    I WANNA READ IT!!!!!!!


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