Do We Really Pray Anymore?

Gosh, how God has been working in me the past few weeks has been rough and amazing all at the same time. Let me tell you that there was sin God was telling me about a few weeks ago and I ignored Him for a loongg time. Word to the wise.. listen to God when He tells you something because it brings more blessings when you do! Well.. you live and you learn. :) And after God took me through the painful journey of getting the stuff that needed to be gotten out, out of my life He started speaking to me about prayer.

Here's the scene, a friend just told you about a heartbreaking thing that just happened in her life. You respond by telling her that you will be praying for her. In the middle of the week you remember that you need to pray for her so while running out the door to get to work you say a quick, sweet prayer for her.

Do you ever do that? Forget to pray for someone and then remember later but don't REALLY pray? Well if you haven't I certainly have. Which is why I have developed the new but yet so simple thing of writing down the prayer requests before I forget. But I have come to the realization that I don't really pray for people. I say something quick and simple. Which then probed me with this question, what would happen if we REALLY PRAYED for people? Think of all the miracles and soft-sweet voices God would bring about!! That would absolutely change lives!

My new goal is to begin really praying for people. Getting down on my face and feeling the pain that that person may be feeling. Really allowing my heart to break for the things that breaks God's. That's my desire. I challenge you to do the same. I feel that praying for people helps keep the focus off ourselves and on Him and others. So, take some time out to really pray for people as will I this week and let's watch God do the rest!!! l o v e y a l l

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