"God, hold my anger"

"I will make your tongue cling to the roof of your mouth, so that you shall be mute and not one to rebuke them..." Ezekiel 3:26

I read this in the Word this morning and God spoke to me through it. Recently a struggle of mine has been holding my tongue. As Galatians 5:23 says self control is one of the fruits of the spirit. That would be self control in everything, including in our speaking. God knows that we have problems and that each one of us has a different struggle we need help with every single day. God is happy to help us, but we need to put in the same effort as well. Which I have to say that I haven't been. (Remember my blog title.. NOT perfect, ONLY forgive :) Holding my tongue has been my most difficult struggle this week, but as always God reminds me that I am living for Him and that life is a set-apart life, not like the rest of the world. And while the rest of the world may quick to anger and quick to yelling at someone or saying something that you will regret later, the set-apart Christian prays about it and does their absolute best to not be easily angered or quick to speak.

Of course we will fail. That's just part of being human, but God knows our hearts, and if your heart is in the right place and you are really trying to not to sin against Him, He'll know! It's soo hard to just bite your tongue and smile and love someone that is making you angry, but there is a bigger blessing in doing that, than there is when you get angry at someone and yell at them.

I've decided to pay close attention to my words and my actions. I'm really gonna start trying to not be easily angered or easily led to sin. When we start to pray God starts doing things so when you think all hope is lost remember that the King is here with you and is holding you. Will you join me in this good fight of faith? I hope you will! many blessings to you all!!

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