The Set Apart Life

What do people see when they look at your life?

This was a question I woke up with a few weeks ago. It made me start thinking about what I spend my time doing and why. I've come to realize a lot of different things that I do when I'm bored. But God challenged me to take a look at what I do and to see if it glorifies Him. And so I did. I began writing down some things I do that maybe I could do a little less of and I began to see that I spend way too much time on some type of media. Mainly the TV. So I have decided to consciously lower the amount of time I spend watching TV and spend that time doing something else like praying, or serving, or maybe calling a friend that I haven't talked to in awhile. Still a work in progress ;)

So, after spending time in that I began in my head thinking about what I do and comparing it to what the world does. God has been speaking to me about having a set-apart life for Him. Not like everybody else at all. So We are in the process of weeding out some things that don't need to be in my life. But God began showing me people in the world who were set apart for Him and didn't care what other people thought of them. Sometimes it's amazing to have an example. :)

Of course the first One was Jesus, who is the most Awesome One ever! Jesus' life showed the true passion of Someone who LOVED the Father with all their being and lived that out! Jesus knew what His purpose was and is!! Then God showed me people like..

Paul- who went from one end to the other. He started out hating Christians and the soon later became one and was probably one of the most radical in the Bible. He told us in Galatians that he didn't care what people thought because if he did he wouldn't be God's servant. Because he wouldn't have that set apart life to be able to not care what people thought.

Peter- Even though he denied Christ he was still radical. He had that set apart life for Jesus because he knew what happened when he denied Jesus Christ and he did not want to go there again. Peter was so devoted to Jesus that when he was sentenced to death on a cross he told them to hang him upside down on it for he didn't want to die the same way his King had.

Then there are people like Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot, Beth Moore, and Stephanie Smith who lived lives or are living lives that are set apart for Christ. Not caring what people think of them but are going after the callings that God has on their life.

My challenge to you and to myself is find that set apart life God has for you and live it to the best of your ability. Not looking like the rest of the world, or talking like the rest of the world or dressing like the rest of the world but living like God has called them to live! Being different isn't bad at all! The world tells us it is because the world is scared of what may happen when someone steps out and lives differently. I don't know about you, but I am going to live that "different" life and I really and truly hope you will join me!! love you guys!! blessings~


  1. Beautifully put! You have inspired me to write a similar post. We should always do things that glorify God and not ourselves. Some people are so caught up in the world and themselves that when God speaks they do not hear him.

  2. What a powerful message! Set apart for Christ! Amen!


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