Do Not Quit!!!!

Well, it seems I constantly need to reminded not to quit. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing but I am so thankful that God brings people into our lives who will encourage us through it all.

Recently life has just been nuts! Things seem to be going crazy and being calm through that is not easy. But I have been slacking off a bit in everything and finally God brought to me different things like devotionals and quotes that have been reminding me to not quit and in turn I want to encourage you and remind you to not quit!!

Believe me, I know all about hard situations but I also know all about God's faithfulness! DO NOT QUIT! Keep pushing forward in your relationship with God because there is a prize at the end of this race but you can only get it at the finish line and the only way you get to finish line is to not quit!! I know you get tired (physically and mentally) and I know life gets rough and hard and you just sometimes don't know what to do, but we serve an extremely FAITHFUL God who will be with you through it all.

Doubts will fill your mind a lot when life seems to throw punches at you (or at least doubt fills my mind) but what is the number one thing satan doesn't want you to do when life is tough? He does not want you to run to the Father where He can love on us and speak His truth into our lives. And satan is successful a lot of times in not getting us to go to the Lord but you gotta keep pushing forward and showing God that no matter what goes on in your life you are gonna praise His name with everything inside of you! We can all help each other get to the finish line if we will just encourage one another. After all that is what Jesus wanted while He was on earth was Unity between everyone in Christ Jesus.

So here I am encouraging you- my tough, loving sister or brother in the Lord to keep running this race and pushing yourself to the finish line because only there will you get the greatest reward of your life!!


We can do this together. I love you all!! God Bless

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  1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I needed them!


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