Focus Blurred

Isn't it so easy to have your focus blurred to where you get your eyes off of the prize? Satan just loves doing that to us. Recently he succeeded in doing that to me.

Doesn't it just annoy you when you seem to be doing so well in your walk with Jesus and really seem to be honoring Him and then satan comes and messes it all up. He does things that distract us and keep our eyes off the prize which ultimately is eternity with Jesus Christ. My eyes seemed to have been on Jesus and then little things starting happening and then the next thing I know my eyes are on the things in the world rather than the things in Heaven.

But God is so Awesome and forgiving and merciful. When I felt like I had failed God too much because I allowed satan to distract and blur my focus on Him, God willingly forgave me and now is helping me not become easily distracted. Which is a process but it is a great reminder to myself and all of you that there is no power satan can have over us and there nothing and I mean NOTHING that God cannot forgive. If you get back up and start fighting this battle again you will be so blessed. What would really be failing God is having a sin in your life that drags you down and instead of getting up and accepting the forgiveness Jesus gave us on the Cross, you choose to stay down.

Even when your focus gets blurred for a bit once you realize it, allow God to open your eyes and help you get your focus back on Him. Probably one of my most reoccurring problems is letting the Lord take the reigns to my heart. However He is an Understanding God who loves all of us. So don't forget that. I love you all!!

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