Keep Going

Well God has been teaching me a lot through personal experiences lately. One of the main things He has been teaching me is to keep going, to continue to persevere, and to not lose faith because when we lose faith we lose heart.

God has shown me that continuing to live for Him even when it's hard will really pay off whether on this Earth or in Heaven or both. He has been showing me that working hard and loving Him and others will bless our lives so much.

I want to encourage that no matter what you may be going through just keep going, keep living for Him and keep loving Him and others. That is the Lord's will for all of us, to love Him with all our being and to love others to the best of our ability. You can do His will incredibly if you put your whole heart into it as I know we all can. This was just to encourage you as I felt I needed to. I love you all!! God Bless~

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  1. Apart from GOD, I am nothing. I'm glad that GOD is my Life.

    Thank you for your comments in my blog. You are a blessing to me, my friend.


    iLoveYou, my co-heiress in CHRIST!


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