OH, I Love My Jesus..

Yes, I do. I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! It does not matter what kind of day I'm having, whether it was bad day or a tiring day, or just a boring day He loves me so unconditionally and is always there to listen. I just am so blessed.

I mean believe me, I do a lot of stuff that I just sit and scratch my head at as to why I did whatever it was. ha ha But my Man Jesus smiles down on me and lets me know that He loves me no matter what. You know what's really great? Just sitting down with Him and really, really talk. I always tell people that Jesus is the ONLY Man who will actually listen and talk back. hahaha But seriously, it's true. I try to make my prayer time with Him intimate but sometimes I just need to let out some of my ramblings. And He sits there with me and listens like none other. Oh I lllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee Him!!!!!! I am head over heels in love with Him!!!!!! Anyways, this post was kind of pointless just needed to get that off my chest! ;o)


  1. Expressing your love for the Lord is not pointless. It is a blessing to me to hear you share openly your love for him. I love him too and he is my unfailing friend.

  2. That is exactly what Jesus wants us to do... to love Him back. :)
    He desires to have a deeper relationship with us. :)

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    Anders Branderud

  4. I wonder why you asked me to just read one post from you, dear princess of GOD.

    I shall read more than one.

    The first paragraph is so true! I feel the same.

    hahaha! I can relate. Really.

    Please don't forget to listen to HIM, too. But it's really always nice to know that JESUS is always there to listen especially when we're brokenhearted. I'm glad JESUS is your bestfriend, my friend. Make a covenant with me to always love JESUS whatever happens, okay?

    I always want to see you this "in love" with JESUS. You are a blessing to me.


    iLoveYou deeply, princess of GOD!


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