Stand on The Word

I have find every time when I read God's Word there is some new truth or promise that I can cling to. So why is it when I am faced with trials or hardships I forget it? As I said in a recent post the enemy has been attacking me and many of my brothers and sisters. But guess what, the good news is (literally and figuratively) that God's Word is TRUTH and we can stand on it!!

Throughout God's whole Word He shows us lives that went through many, many things that were both good and bad. Paul to me is the perfect example because he was a man who went through so much and still praised God and that really challenges me to do the same. It is definitely not easy to do that but if we really believe what we say we believe than we know that we know that we know, that God is faithful and doesn't put anything on us that is too hard to bare.

Recently God has been reminding me of all the stuff that He has brought me through. So there is no situation that will be any different from that. I know how tough life can be but guys, God is there! When there is darkness all around there is also Light! Stand strong and stand on His Word because it can withstand all things and so can you. God is there! i love you all!!! have a blessed weekend!


  1. Hey!! My fairy tale post is up!!! Enjoy!!

  2. The Truth will set us free. God is there! Amen!


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