There IS Something Ahead

We as people spend a lot of time focusing on the future. We look ahead at what job we want, what age we want to get married, what college to go, what kind of house we want, etc. And while looking forward to the future is great and not to be condemned, sometimes we just really need to focus on the now.

If we really focused on right now I think our lives would be way different. We need to remember that we are not guaranteed another day which is why we need to make today count. When we look ahead we need to see that there is a Heaven and that we want to be up there with our Prince to spend eternity with Him. I mean after all, don't you want to meet the One who loves you forever? I know I do!

Right now counts. I need to get my heart, my mind and my life straightened up a bit. Isn't it crazy how sometimes sin just creeps up? And before you know it, it begins taking over your life. Good news is that we have Someone who can rid us of it all. We shouldn't be embarrassed of ourselves when there is sin in our life. So many times we live in this little bubble land where everything is perfect and no one knows the things you struggle with or the things you need help with. All is well. But that is just not real. Sometimes we DO struggle and sometimes we DO need help and that is nothing to be ashamed of. God already knows the sin in my life and if there was ever any One who I wouldn't want to know it would be Him. So since He already knows the sin in my life then I don't care if the people around me do. Remember, none of us are perfect at all, Jesus is the ONLY ONE who IS!!

Just don't forget that while this life will bring many difficult trials there IS something INCREDIBLE ahead and there is also Someone INCREDIBLE waiting for you. He loves you so much! Don't be ashamed of Jesus or yourself. Let Him shine through you!! love you guys~!!

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