What's Your Legacy?

We all have the chance to leave a legacy behind. That's really not a surprise, however what your legacy leaves can be.

God has been challenging me so much lately and many of those challenges I have failed and some I have not. But He has been teaching me about how none of us are guaranteed another day of life. I'm not, your not, the person next door's not, so who we affect around us is huge. What I do here on earth does matter because it affects people and eternity. My legacy right now could be a good one, but I believe that we can all leave GREAT legacies that point others to Jesus even then.

The life we live will affect many people around us. Some we may know and some we may not know, but it will affect people. What makes a difference is if we are impacting lives for Christ or for the devil. Because whether you know it or not you choosing to believe or not believe in Christ determines whether you are saving souls or killing them.

Before I lived a life that pointed people to the devil where they couldn't find fulfilling life, but now I choose to live a life that points others to the Life Giver where He is all that satisfies. Something Matt Pitt once said was this, "My mom asked me one day (during the time he was doing drugs), 'Matt, are people gonna know more about Jesus from your mouth or your funeral?'" That one sentence is crazy amazing because it really makes you think. I mean, what if you were to die in an hour, how many people would know about Jesus from your mouth and how many people will know about Jesus from your funeral?

God is calling me and you out to leave legacy's behind that challenge people to seek Him. But your answer will determine where the rest of that flows. You can answer "yes" and step out and begin living your legacy right now or you can answer "no" and continue living your same life. I hope you answer yes, as I do and begin this journey with me. Lives will be impacted by whichever answer you choose. One for the better and the other for the worse. Let me ask you, what's your legacy? You and God hold the answer.

love you all and have a blessed, fun weekend!!!

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