Love Is An Action

So earlier today I was reading an article on what one thing you can do to change the world. Some people said extreme things and others simple. And I was thinking, what if we changed the world for Jesus Christ simply by smiling more? Or by having a good attitude when everyone else doesn't? After all the Bible does say that they will "know you by your love."

What is one thing you can do to change the world? Well.... one thing we are all capable of doing yet fail to do so often is love others. And I mean really love. What if we had a love revolution and people started following Jesus simply because someone showed them His love? Maybe this is a little "lala landish" but it is just a thought. Some people are harder to love than others no doubt but if we really follow Jesus maybe we can swallow our pride and love that person anyway.

I look around me and see people with so much potential yet they are lost and looking for that person to satisfy them and if you and I could somehow show that one person who Jesus is it will all be worth it. I think that far too often we allow ourselves to believe that just because we are saved we are somehow better than the person who is not. Maybe you don't, but I find myself guilty of that sometimes but the truth be told none of us are good. Only Jesus is and He is the only One who can make us good. When it comes down to the end of the day we are still sinners, but what overcomes that is Jesus on the Cross which makes us forgiven.

Many lost souls are out there just waiting for someone to have the courage to tell them what they are looking for is right above them. Whom they are waiting for is next to their side. Life means so much more than clothes, boy/girls, how many friends you have or what your social status is. How popular you are or how much money you got will not matter in Heaven. The only thing that will matter is whether you knew Jesus and made Him known. We together can change this world one action a at time. One action at a time lives can be changed but I cannot do it alone, and neither can you but together we can. I really want to know if you will join me? Will you help change a life? I really hope you will.

The rest of this summer let's make our motto "One" because there is One we are living for, one action we are choosing to take (that is to love) and one soul at a time that will get saved. For with Jesus all things are possible (Luke 1:37)

I love you all and most importantly so does He! :)) Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You are amazing! What a beautiful woman in the Lord you are. This is a very good post on how to work on changing the world. Granted we can't save the whole world, only God can do that, but we can make a difference. I'm on board with you! Let's spread the love of God! Love you sweetie.

  2. Beautiful post.

    I wish I could read everything on your sidebar as well, but that black on blue is just too hard on my eyes. I can hardly see what it says (even with my glasses on). (SMILE)


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