Only Satisfied By Him

Goodness, how unsatisfied I have been the past few months. All this stuff has been going on and it's just really crazy. And so I looked for satisfaction from things like clothes, food, hanging with people, etc. And still nothing filled that void and then I came to the harsh realization this morning that nothing will satisfy me except for Him.

The reason I called it a "harsh realization" was because it was so obvious yet not at the time. And then I began thinking about how many people just like me (except they may not know Jesus) look for satisfaction in things or people instead of in the ONLY One who can satisfy. And when I say only I really do mean ONLY One who can satisfy what you feel inside and in your heart. Relationships, stores, people, food, alcohol, drugs, etc. will not satisfy you and sometimes we have to learn the hard that it doesn't. But to save you a step, if you really want to be satisfied skip all those things and go straight to Jesus. He's got your back and He will satisfy you.

So this short post is just letting you know that if you want true satisfaction you gotta go to the True Satisfier. I pray He ministers to your heart! love all of you!!!


  1. A short but nonetheless excellent post :D
    Isn't He wonderful? <3
    Yes, He sure is :)))

  2. We all go through these moments unfortunately. But this is a great reminder. Thank heavens He is always there waiting for us with open arms. Now if we all done that, think of the great way our world would be in. As always, another great post!!!


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