The Strength Giver

Who or what gives you strength?

Really I would love for you to tell me your answer. I asked myself that question and came up with a couple different answers. One I think food gives me strength which is a pretty much a "duh" answer lol and then two I think that sometimes I get strength from people. Neither one of those answers are bad I don't think, but when we don't go to the Strength Giver (God) first, and allow Him to give us real strength than life is a lot tougher and harder than it has to be.

I ask myself why I go to certain things/people for strength and sometimes I think it's because I want someone or something to comfort me or set me at ease. Sometimes I worry (because I'm human and Jesus understands that part of me :) and worry comes from not fully trusting God which sets all the things that we try and get strength and comfort from, into play. I think we can all agree that life can get hard, really hard and sometimes none of us know how to make it. And the Lord understands that which is why He really just wants us to go to Him for strength.

I need to humble myself and sit before the Lord and go to Him for strength. He is THE - STRENGTH - GIVER. God is bigger and greater than anyone in this world. He is bigger and greater than any problem in this world. He is THE GREAT I AM. Let's not box God into this small Lord in Heaven who sees all and knows all. Let's know that He is the GIANT Father in Heaven who sees all and knows all and can DO ALL.

Whatever you are facing in life right now I challenge you to trust Him completely for one week and if you don't know then that all will be okay, then go back on to your life of worry. But I know that you are gonna see that no matter what goes on in your life God is the Strength Giver and the God who provides no matter what. I hope this ministers to you. love you all!


  1. Awesome piece sweetie! I tried to come by last night, but my computer whacked out on me. While I was running a scan on it, I fell asleep. ;)
    I am definitely going to send people here, as this is such a good post. But then they all are. You really ministered to me. I so needed this one. Thank you and God Bless. Love you.

  2. Another great post. And by the way, I popped over here from Omah's blog, and am so glad I did.


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