Summer Is Here!!!!!

Yes, I know summer has been here for a week now, but it is still fairly fresh and new! :) So since it's summer let's talk about what you and me are gonna do this summer. What are your plans? Some people go on vacation others go to the beach and others stay home. But as I was thinking about summer and what I will be doing the Lord placed a desire on my heart to not let this summer be like all the rest being lazy, hot, and bored. I want your summer and my summer to be the most awesome summer ever!! But it's gonna take surrender and a little bit of denying self.

Do you want a summer that brings about people coming to know Christ? I certainly do but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while doing it. I find that a lot of people think that being a Christian is no fun and that there is no way in the world you can have a good time. Well that is completely false!! I can tell you that I have had MORE fun living for Jesus than I ever did living for the devil. Here are a few things you can do this summer that is probably part of your week that will provide opportunities to witness:

Tanning by the pool- Yeah, you thought that you couldn't tan and do anything productive didn't you? Well you can, while your at the YMCA tanning you can talk with someone about Jesus and His love that brings freedom.

Working Out- everyone is still trying to get into shape for their swimsuits so while your toning up your body how about telling that person next to you on the treadmill how much Jesus loves them and how they are created in God's image!

At The Beach- While your at the beach hand out an index card with a verse on it (for those of you who aren't as talkative this is a good way to witness :) it's very simple but gets people's attention and who knows who will get saved after that!

Shopping- when your checking out at the mall or when your looking through a rack of clothes there is always someone to witness to. Just tell someone about Jesus!!

Have a great, safe, sunny summer filled with the blessings of God!!! I love you guys so much!! Together we are gonna change the world!!!!!!!!! Remember to be the change!

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