"Ugh I'm So ANGRY!!!!"

"There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man." Mark 7:15

How I have found the verse above to be so very true. Some people think that if you eat 'this' or if you eat 'that' it will make you "dirty". You know, weird food. But that really as Jesus told us, does not make someone filthy or dirty. Usually it is what comes out of our very mouths that dirty us up. I find myself convicted of saying things that shouldn't be said or doing something that shouldn't be done. It is hard to keep my mouth shut at times. Sometimes someone makes me mad and I get angry and just don't think and say something that I later regret and apologize for.

If you are the same way then I am sure you struggle with anger at times and say things that are unnecessary. But I want you to know that we can keep our mouths shut (as impossible as that may seem) and love people all the way through. I'll share with you some ways that I found work. That is, if you really put them into practice.

When someone says something to me that angers me I just say whatever comes out of my mouth not even thinking about it. But you know what I found out? If you don't let yourself get to your boiling point you won't have that problem.
So solution Number 1 is to use the common sense that God gave you and when you feel yourself getting hot-headed get away from that person and go to a place where you can talk to God and let your feelings out which leads us to...

Solution Number 2. Which is talk to God. When you get angry talk to the Lord. Tell Him everything no matter how awful it may sound to you (because He can hear all your thoughts anyway) and just allow Him to work on you and your heart. This for me right now is a work in progress. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

Solution Number 3 is by far the best working for me. That is just my personal opinion. And it is to get yourself away from the situation that is making you angry and grab your Bible and begin reading. Doesn't matter where, just read. It really and truly brings me a lot of peace when I just sit there and read from God's Word. A lot of times when you do that God will bring a verse to you that will help you through something or answer a prayer or whatever. Remember to also apply what your reading to your life.

I hope this ministers to you and helps you in some way. I love you all so very much!!!! Have a blessed night!

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  1. Solution Number 2 definitely got to me. At times I feel like I don't talk to God enough, especially when I'm confused or just want to know what He feels about a situation. Thank you for this post :) I pray that He shows you the way! One thing my mom tells me is, "Never allow anyone to take away from your joy." Something else I find to be so very true, and I thought I'd share with you. Rhyming not intended lol :P
    Have a blessed week <3


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