One Question

So the Lord has placed it on my heart to do a post on what He has been teaching me. So here I am typing it, hopefully someone will be blessed by it. God has been teaching me on how to make a difference and an impact as a leader for His glory. That my example alone can get someone saved and if I open my mouth then even more lives will be changed. Not by me, but by Him. Only the Lord can draw people to Himself, not people.

So earlier I was think about how I can make a difference and came across this picture from i-heart.org while they are doing 'what is one thing you can do to change the world' and here is some one's answer "with generous eyes." and just thinking about that has changed me a little bit because changing the world by our examples and actions is something I firmly believe can happen with Jesus Christ in us. I mean I have seen people affect everyone around them so it isn't impossible. But it is how they are affecting people that matters the most. Because your example can either lead people to Jesus or make them go even farther away from Him.

I want to challenge myself and challenge you as well to find one thing that you can do everyday that can impact our world for Jesus Christ. So I wanna know your answer to this question, what is one thing that you can do to impact this world for Jesus? Love you all!!!


  1. Serve others with love and humility. No pride. No grudges. No selfishness. Just all from GOD.

    Sorry it took so long for me to comment. Just very busy.


    iLoveYouSoMuch, my darling co-heiress in CHRIST!

  2. Very right! Our live (actions, words and reactions) can be used mightily by God to spread His word! I'm blessed with your post. I join you in prayer that my life can be used to reach out to somebody as well!


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