Uplifted Hands

Everyone worships differently. Some people worship with their eyes closed, others worship with their eyes opened. Some people worship standing up, others worship sitting down in the Lord's presence. And some people worship with uplifted hands, others don't. There is no wrong way to worship. God enjoys all worship as long as it's focused on Him. If you can keep focus on God with your eyes open, then by all means do so. But I get easily distracted so I worship with my eyes closed and uplifted hands.

I thought I'd talk with you about that because there are many people who have the wrong idea about raising hands in worship. I'm not sure why other people lift their hands (you'd have to ask them) but I lift my hands in an act of surrender.

See, when people raise their hands up most of the time it is in surrender to someone. It is a willing act showing whomever it may be, that they have you now. And it is no different for me. I raise my hands in worship to show the Lord I surrender to Him, that He has my heart, that I will live for Him, and love Him with uplifted hands.

I just wanted to clear up some lies about lifting hands in worship, some people say "oh that person is a "holy roller" leave them alone..." blah blah blah. I don't want you to think that because you worship God in different ways (however you worship) if it is all in worship to the Lord and focus is on Him, it is awesome. Don't let other people tell you how to worship. Worship God with your life because that is the most pleasing worship to God. Worship isn't just through music it can be through your life as well. Have a blessed day! Love you all!!!

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  1. So very true, and what a great subject to talk about. I had been concious of how I worshipped and worried about "what others might be thing." How sad is that.
    But now, if I want to raise my hands, I'm going to. If I want clap and sway and bounce so what. I raise my hands to accept the Holy Spirit into me, or to reach out to Him in honor of Him. Regardless, we each have our own unique way of worshipping the Lord and it's out God given right!
    God Bless you dear sweet sister in Christ. Much love to you.


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