What Is Your Passion?

What is your passion?

Everybody has one. You can have a passion for people, music, fashion, Jesus Christ, an occupation, even for things.

My passion is for Jesus. I am extremely passionate about Him and telling people about Him but it is interesting how sometimes when we surround ourselves with people who have other passions about something, that they can begin to rub off on you. Maybe for the good or for the bad. Every once and a while our passions die a little and one thing I notice is when they come back, they are stronger than ever! In my case that is a great thing! :D

I can share with y'all (my Christian family) that for a little bit my life had lost it's purpose because different things were weighing down on me and I didn't turn to the Lord as I should have. My passion for Him died somewhat (not completely) and when I repented and started opening my heart ever more to Him it came back... STRONGER. The things that I once cared so much about (things that didn't help me grow closer to Him) when I was passionate for Him before, I no longer care about. I have a better who cares attitude and know for a fact that had it not been for the faithfulness of the Lord I would not be here posting this. Do remember His faithfulness.

Having passion for Someone that is so worthy of it is the best for my life. I NEED Him and the passion that comes along with Him.

So I ask you this question, what is your true passion that is the BEST for your life? Is your passion something that gives you life? Do you know what Jesus' passion is? It is YOU!!!

be blessed~

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