Back On Track

Who am I to judge someone or tell them how to live? I'm not. I can't. I tell people what Jesus has told me, and that has been to live for Him and do my best to glorify Him and point others to the Lord.

I can tell you guys that it bothers me when people tell me what to do and when they start judging me I get annoyed. I have learned from personal experience (and I'm sure you have too) what it feels like to be judged and how it can hurt and anger you. So all of us knowing that how is it we just sometimes can't seem to help ourselves (maybe not you, but I know I do) to judge others. I am no perfect person, I try to be an example but I fail like everyone else at times. I don't know why I judge but it just happens sometimes. The great thing is that the Lord gently points me to His way and when I'm not doing His way He shows me how to get back on track. I have learned this firsthand.

And that's what I want you to know is that God always brings a way for you to get back on track no matter what you've done or where you've been. Sin can get the best of all of us, if we were perfect like Jesus who He is wouldn't be as amazing. We wouldn't have anything to strive to be like, so since we are human and not perfect (just forgiven) the Lord gives us the forgiveness we need and the love we need to pick up where we left off and get back on track for Him and His plans for each one of our lives. I felt that someone needed encouragement that God has not left you alone and that you HAVEN'T messed up too much for Him to still love you or forgive you. God loves YOU (yes, YOU, reading this right now) soooo much more than you will EVER be able to know. But I hope that you do know that He in fact does love you and that there is nothing, no one, and no way for Him not to.

I pray this blesses some one's heart. Love you peoples!! :))

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