I Am Blessed

Isn't it weird how sometimes we can take so much for granted, even the simple things? I've come to realize that sometimes I don't see how blessed I truly am until I look and see the people around me and what they need, and then I see that I have so much. I am truly blessed.

I take for granted the legs and arms I have and the freedom that I have. I take for granted the simple things like clothes and food, that so many people are starving and needing. And God has brought to me this: if I can supply for some of these needs and share Jesus through me why don't I? And if I can supply for some of people's needs, how much more the Lord can supply for all of us. And not just stuff that fades away, but real, eternal, important things like Salvation.

Think of all the people (and maybe your one of them) who are just searching and crying out for someone to save them. The Lord can set you free from everything that bounds you and holds you down and give you freedom that lasts forever. All you have to do is begin an intimate growing relationship with Him and you can experience Him like never before. There is a prayer on the side of my blog {in pink} which you can pray and begin your new life. The Bible says that your old life is now gone and your new life is here.

I pray whoever reads this finds what they are searching for. Jesus is the only One who can satisfy. I love you all, lovely blog readers!! Have a blessed night!

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  1. You are even MORE amazing! Thank you for your sweet comment! Totally made my day! ;) Btw, you're an amazing writer, and I enjoy reading your blog and thoughts. Happy Tuesday!!



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