I Cry To You, My Lord

Lord, I'm down on my knees in awe of You. I've seen the world and what
it has to offer and nothing can compare to love that I have in You. I'll live
my life to Your glory, Father, because only glory to You matters. My desire
to be used by You grows every single day. My desire for all to see You in me grows as each day goes on. If no one in this whole world knows my name or my face I am completely fine with that. But if through me no one knows Your name or Your face then I have failed miserably. Lord Jesus, may I live a life that points all to You simply by my actions. My heart and flesh cry out from the very depths of me to You- that my life, my hands and my feet, will be used for You and by You. All honor and ALL praise belong to You, my Savior.


  1. what a beautiful prayer...
    I pray the same too


  2. Thank you for getting in contact with me. You comment alone, I think is God's way of nudging me again to write. I've gotta pray about now, what exactly He wants me to write. Thank you again though :) and God Bless <3

  3. Powerful and beautiful! This should be on the tip of every Christian's tongue everyday. Amen and Amen again!


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