I Will Not Be Silent

As I continue to look around our world I find myself feeling fear and worry. I know that I don't need to fear or worry because as long as I have Jesus my life is alright. But I just get worried because all I can see is people pushing Jesus away and pushing Him away... and pushing Him away. And when we start taking God out of our schools, work places, homes, etc. we are in deep trouble.

I do not like the direction our Country is headed. There are many things that I disagree with, however I continue to wait for someone to speak up and actually take a stand for what God has called us to do and be and there are very few out there who are willing to do so.

I am telling you (the people out there running our Country and the people out there who are pushing Christ away and out of everything ) that I WILL NOT BE SILENT. I will stand for Jesus Christ and what God's Word says regardless of whether it's the popular thing to do, the safe thing to do, or even the political thing to do. I know Who has gotten me where I am and Who has blessed me with the life I am living and had it not been for Jesus I would not be here. So I refuse to silence myself simply because it might cause people to be uncomfortable or offended.

My friends, our Country right now needs more prayer and fasting than ever before. I had spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether or not to post something on this or not and finally decided it is time. We as Christians have nothing to fear because God will take care of us. Right now we need to search God's Word to find what He wants us to do. Let's not let people quiet us down from speaking God's truth. I love you all and more importantly Jesus does!!!!! Be blessed!

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  1. Girl, I could not agree more. You took every single word our of my mouth and put it in this post. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! We will not back down! We will stand for Jesus whether people disagree or not!


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