Our Lost Generation

Well, I keep running into things (blog posts, books, stories, etc.) that are talking about this generation and the younger generations and how they need an answer and an example and I feel God has placed it on my heart to talk with you about this.

You and I both know that this generation is lost. All generations have been but this one seems to be as in the days of Noah. I look around and see people worshipping the Lord and I'm like, yes! Finally our generation is getting it right, but then I look a little bit further and see people having sex with whomever and searching for love in different things (such as dating the same sex) and what I have to remember is that judging these people isn't right at all because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and no sin is ranked as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 worst sins. No God says in His Word that sin is sin, plain and simple.

Instead of judging someone why not give them what they are looking for? Love. And not just any love, God's love. But to give them that love we have to be willing to step out and to give them Jesus' love we have to show that love first so that they know it's real. Then they will figure out whether or not they want His love that satisfies. Sometimes you just have to let a person be in God's hands for awhile so that they can stumble all the way to ground and have nothing to do but look upward. Then they will get serious and realize that all they need is God because life in the world and of the world just isn't as great as life of the Lord and in the Lord.

So this post is to my Christian family and to my non-Christian family. If you don't know Jesus please let me know. If you want to accept Him into your heart right here and now pray the prayer on the side of my blog (in pink) and then find yourself a good Church where you can fellowship, a Bible (dig into the Word), and some worship Cd's (all you have to do is sit in the Lord's presence for a bit with a couple songs that focus on Him, not ourselves). I pray this ministers to you!!! Blessings to you~!!


What ya' got to say? :)