Sometimes you get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Or maybe you are wanting something different. So what do you do? Redecorate. We people redecorate our homes, cars (upgrade or new car), and even ourselves by getting a little makeover... you know like getting your hair did and new clothes. ;)

Well just like you redecorate all that stuff our hearts sometimes need a little "redecorating". But just like redecorating a home takes time, redecorating your heart takes time. It's all a process. But if you are like me then sometimes you just don't want to wait. I want things done and changed now. But the Lord has been showing me that it will take time like anything does and to be patient even when I really don't want to be.

I've learned some redecorating tips and wanted to share them with you:
Change your surroundings - Change some of the people you hang out with if they aren't following the Lord because your friends can bring you down, you cannot bring them up with you. The people you hang around can influence you a lot and bring about bad habits.

Add some Light - Allow the Lord to reveal things to you by spending time with Him and getting to know Him. Read His Word and worship Him. This helps us to keep our focus on Who really matters. And the Light your heart will see will change you a lot.

Clean up the mess - Take a look at what you watch, listen to, read, and do. If it is something that doesn't glorify Jesus get rid of it, take it out of your life. You may think it's painful to do but once it's out of your life you will be so much more blessed. Trust me on this one, I KNOW!

I hope that this blessed somebody and that you all have a wonderfully blessed night!!!

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