The Verse That Messed Me UP!!!!!

So the coolest thing happened to me the other day. I was praying and had asked God to show me something in His Word and then I flipped right to this verse in my Bible,

"When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me."- Psalm 27:10

That verse messed me up!!! And it brought tears to my eyes. Some of you know that my father left out of my life when I was little, but knowing that even when my father left the Lord was still there to take care of me is so comforting and incredible.

What I want to tell you (the person taking time to read this) is Jesus loves you sooo much!!!! And maybe your father or mother or both have left out on you and you just feel like no one is trustworthy anymore and you can't depend on anyone because you've been hurt so bad, that Jesus, He is the One that you can put all your hope and trust in because He will never fail you and never make you hurt and feel worthless. Jesus would not have gone to the Cross for a worthless person, He did that just for you so you could see your worth through His eyes!!

Take some time to talk to the Lord about the hurt you've been feeling or are feeling right now. Allow yourself to cry and just be messed up before Jesus. He will wrap His amazingly strong arms around you and not let you go and you can feel His love and warmth all around you. Please remember that He loves you and will take care of you. He rejoices over you with singing!!!! :) Be blessed! Have a great Saturday!!!!!!

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