Attitude Check List

I've been sitting here trying to gather all my thoughts together for a post. This is a verse I read the other day,

"...as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, yet possessing all things." 2 Corinthians 6:10

I really like that. I think of it as an attitude check list. Because sometimes we will be sorrowful, and certainly there are times to show that sorrow, but there are also times to rejoice and be thankful. Also, I think that there are so many people out there who are having problems with money and are "poor" but if we can live to make others rich (helping out, loving people who seem to be "unlovable", making an effort to go the extra mile...) we can be so blessed. And lastly the part about "having nothing, yet possessing everything" I love because I'm trying to learn to live as though I have nothing because really at the end of the day what do I have besides Jesus? Nothing. But having Jesus, I really do have all things because everything I need is in Him.

Sometimes I think I have it all together and that's the times that God humbles me and shows me that I DON'T have it all together and that if I did what need of a Savior would I have? It's amazing what God can show you in just a few minutes or hours. I encourage you to get with Him and allow Him to speak to your heart and mind.

This was just something I wanted to share with you. Love you all!



What would the world look like if I lived in a sacrifice my things way? Maybe that doesn't make sense. Well, I have been thinking (do that a lot lately) and I was trying to figure out, when was the last time I sacrificed my things, time, money, SOMETHING, to help someone else out and spread the Gospel? To be honest, I can't say I have. I am blessed greatly by God and I have a lot of things (material that is) but spiritually what things do I have? Better yet, how do I use them? Or do I even use them at all? Not sure.

I am very well aware that God calls us all to do something. 'Do' being the focus word. We can talk all we want and tell everybody what we are going to do, but until we actually put actions behind those words it means nothing. Talk is cheap, that is very true.

As I sit here eating my breakfast and thanking God for it, I am saddened and annoyed. I am saddened that I have food to eat and yet there are so many people out there who go without eating. And I am annoyed with myself because I haven't done anything to help these people. I judge way too quickly and I choose not to think about the people who need my help because when I don't think about it, I don't feel that bad. But right now that I am thinking about these people I want to get down on my knees and really feel their pain. Jesus did that all the time and still does with us. I want to get down on my knees and pray for them and cry tears for them because I don't want to be numb to the incredible people around me.

I have to ask myself and ask you too, have you felt the pain of other people? Have you really and truly prayed for people? Are you in need of that kind of prayer for yourself? (if so please leave me a comment) I am second, always. I will never be first because God is first. I am ready to love sacrificially. I am ready to sacrifice money, things, time, food in order to do the Lord's will for my life. I want to really love God and really love people. It's time to stop talking so much and start doing things. This was on my heart this morning. be blessed guys!!


Bitterness and Anger Imprison Life

"Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it." - Harry Emerson Fosdick

That quote was in my Bible study this morning. I'm taking time to think about it. I know that quote to be so true. Anger always leads to bitterness when we hold on to it. It's not like the regular "oh, I had a fight with so and so but we're gonna make up later" kind of anger. It's the kind of anger that you get when someone hurts you very deeply and you aren't sure if you can forgive them or not and so instead of forgiving them you hold on to it until it burns within you and you get more angry every day.

I've known that anger. It was such a burden for me and had I known Jesus loves me then, as I do now I probably wouldn't have held onto my anger like that... and then again I might have. More than likely though, I would have let it go and let the Lord deal with my heart and anger as He can. Anger starts out pretty innocent (about as innocent as anger can be) and then over time it boils inside of you and consumes your whole life. Then, it leads straight to bitterness. And as Mr. Fosdick said, bitterness will imprison your life to the point you won't be able to do anything productive until you let it go. Maybe not for you, but for me my life was completely a waste during that period of time.

If you are holding onto anger I challenge you to lay it all before God and allow Him to deal with your heart completely raw. Write out a letter to the person that you are angry with, let them know all the things that hurt you and how angry you still are with that person. And then go outside somewhere or to your fireplace (make sure you have permission to do this, if you need it.) and burn the letter. It may sound lame but it will feel very good to your heart to just let it all go. And it will make the Lord really proud of you.

I also read this quote this morning,
"A man is a hero, not because he is braver than anyone else, but because he is brave for ten minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm still thinking on this one. I really love that quote though. I hope you all are having a great day!!! :)



Lord, I know You are God and I am trying so hard to place things into Your hands but this has been one rough month. I am facing trial after trial and don't know what to do except pray and worship You, since You are worthy to be praised. I know through my trials You will be glorified and that my actions during trials says everything, but God, I'm not sure I can take anymore trials. They are hard and I am weak. I need time to rest in Your strong arms. I need to see You in the fire with me, to be able to glance above and know that there is an ending to this all. And even as I type this, I know that You are here even when it doesn't feel like it. When all I have is just a little tiny glimpse of hope and light that are before me I will take that and cling to You! God, You are my Rock. I can press into You and get as close as possible and not be afraid that You will break or leave me. People have hurt me, abused me, and because of that I have abused people and hurt people. Hurting people, hurt people. But God, Your grace is Awesome and Your love is incredible. I cry to You so loudly because You are my Healer, Deliverer, Lover, Maker, Father, and everything else. I sit here, raw before You, with all my mistakes, emotions, and heart completely translucent. You see me for me and that's all I have ever wanted. I love You, Father God!!! You are mine and I am Yours, forever.

You Can't Fit A Square Inside a Circle

Okay you may be going, well duh! in your head, but it goes along with this post so bare with me please. :)

I've posted many times on the God-shaped hole in our hearts but God brought something visual to my mind the other night. I was thinking about the hole we all have in our hearts and the thing that popped into my head was a square and the square had a circle try to fit inside it, but it couldn't. So then, a triangle came and tried to fit inside the square and it couldn't. A rectangle tried to fit inside the square and still it wouldn't fit. And God brought to me the fact that there are many things and people (or shapes) that try to fit inside the hole in my heart but the only One who can fit perfectly is Him.

It may seem really kindergarten-ish but it is the truth.

I like to think that the God-shaped hole looks like a swirly, unique, one-of-a kind shape that only Someone incredibly significant can fit in it. I have tried many times with a lot of different things to fill the void in my heart. I've used food, people, things, tv, internet, music, etc. and yet none of it satisfied me. When I finally found the Lord I found so much more than what I thought I was looking for. I found peace, love, appreciation, real satisfaction, and Someone who regardless of what is going on and what I'm going through will be there for me at the end of the day to talk to and love on me.

And God is there for you too. Sometimes it may not feel like it and sometimes it may not be easy to remember but God is there. No one and nothing can consume Him and His love for you. Satan can try as hard as he wants to get you to leave the Lord and fall away but if you fight with the help of God you will win. Satan can only tempt us, he can't make us do something. So when we sin, it is us that sin.

Have you found the One who can fill the hole in your heart? You can live in the world and be of it and try and satisfy yourself with things, people, and activities (parties, clubs, bars, etc.) but until you find the God of Heaven and experience Him you will never be satisfied. I pray that you find Him because He is the most wonderful, beautiful, powerful, amazing God that will rock your world beyond belief. I love you all!!! Be blessed!



I have been in a time of learning. Learning about myself and learning about God and learning about the people around me. It's been good and bad. Well, I wouldn't say bad... maybe hard is the word I'm looking for. It's just God has been showing me a lot of different things in my life. The good things and then some of the bad things that I don't need but I'm not sure about you (maybe you are a lot better than me) but I don't like having my mistakes pointed out or my faults pointed out. Somehow, regardless of how much I dislike my faults being pointed out, I have a difficult time not pointing other people's faults out. It's not like I'm trying to (believe me, I am definitely NOT trying to point other people's faults because I have tons of faults myself that's why I need a SAVIOR!) but somehow I end up doing it anyway. God is teaching me how to just accept people as they are because He is the only One who can change a person. I can try my hardest to make that person a certain way but only the Creator can restore and reshape what He has made (and what He has made is beautiful).

But I've been thinking and trying to figure out why I like to point out other people's faults. I think it might be because it makes me feel somehow a better person because I haven't done what "that" person has done or I'm not doing what "that" person is doing. Whatever the reason it's not right.

It's amazing how God knows exactly what I need to learn about because He always brings someone to me or something through the Internet or something that is speaking about the same thing I'm learning about. That's what He did this morning and I needed awhile to process it. The Lord gave me the example of ministry and who's ministry is greater, a world renowned minister or the person who led that minister to Christ? Neither are greater. Every body's ministry is great but what makes it great is not the person leading that ministry but the One that the ministry surrounds (Jesus). So it really started me thinking about the fact that I am not greater than anybody in this world and I am not better than anybody just because I am a follower of Jesus. We are all incredible, beautiful, talented, god gifted, blessed, loved, cared for people. Why? Because we are all created by One who makes us those things. And He loves you soo much and thinks you are the most beautiful person ever and you are the apple of His eye. He loves you no matter what you do!! He can be disappointed in you at times, but don't EVER let anybody tell you that Jesus doesn't love you, that is a LIE!!!! I'll end this post in a verse I read this morning that I think goes along pretty well with this,

"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love." - 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

This was a bit of what God has been teaching me about and I really wanted to share it with you. Love you all and hope you have a blessed night!


Random Thoughts...

Okay I really need to get this out because it has been bothering me for quite some time.

Why is it that people cuss so much? And I don't mean just "people" but Christian people. And not just Christian people, but Christian people who are in the spotlight (musicians, authors, actors, etc.)? I know that none of us are perfect and that we all have this incredible need of a Savior but how can we as Christians say we are 'different' from the world when we act just like the world? We can't.

I'm not being judgemental (at least I don't mean to) but it really bothers me that there are people who claim themselves as a Christian artist and speak with such foul language. What I know is that people watch me. The Bible warns us that there are gonna be people who look at you and by your example will know if you are serious or not about your relationship with Christ and that is how they will determine whether or not they want to be a Christian.

I once read a story about a man who said that he didn't want to be a Christian and when asked why he said this,
"Because when I go to Church I see people just like me, gossiping and hating people. Why would I become a Christian if all that changed was what I called myself?" And when I think about that it's just crazy how what he said is true (for some) but we can all change that by being what we say we are. I always remember that actions speak louder than words.

I have a statement to make.

I am a follower of Jesus. I fail everyday and only by God's grace am I able to pick myself up after such a fall. I mess up, slip up, and make excuses for myself but in all God is here with me holding my hand and guiding me along the way to be a better person and ultimately live a life that actually glorifies Him. I choose to be above the world not because I think I'm better than everybody else but to show that God is my Lord and He who I am living for.

You have a statement too, what is it? More importantly does your statement match up with your actions? I think I need to take a closer look at my life, have the Lord weed out the things I don't need and in the place of those things add in more of Himself. What about you? Take a closer look. I love y'all and hope you have a blessed day!!



So today was a very interesting day. It was a trying day and one that I'm sorry to say that I didn't handle very well. I was annoyed and agitated. Maybe I was aggravated. And it seems that I have been that way for awhile.

I have spent the past hour and a half trying to figure out why the heck I was feeling and acting this way. So I was listening to the radio and on the radio a man said that Jesus often withdrew to be alone because even He, being the Almighty King, needed time to be alone with God. And while I have been spending time with Him I have been craving more of Him. And how can you get more of God? By putting forth effort and spending more time with Him. But that didn't come to my mind so I have just been going through life spending time with God in the morning but not even attempting to put more effort and time in with Him to maybe squeeze in a few more moments of worship or reading a couple more Scriptures throughout the day or whatever.

I have decided that I really need some extra time with the Lord so whenever I get the time now, I will choose to spend time with Him. When I spend a few more minutes in prayer I am so blessed by it because it calms me and it gives me a peace that can only be from God that no one and nothing can shake, regardless the situation or temptation.

I just wanted to share with you and give you a challenge to go forth and if you see throughout your day that you have a few spare minutes just spend a little more time with Jesus. I'm not telling you what to do because by all means you can do whatever you please, but I would like to just share that with you so if you choose to do so then good and if not that's alright. God bless you guys!! Y'all are incredible and amazing men and women of God!!


Rule Over Sin

"To rule others, you have to learn to first rule yourself." - From Bible Study

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Warren Buffett

I read those two quotes within the last couple weeks and it's amazing how God ties everything together. They go pretty well with our battle with sin and how to be incredible women and men for God you have to find a way to rule over sin. Genesis is filled with stories on people who ruled over their sin. In fact Genesis tells us that we have to "master" our sin.

The question is, how? Well, to rule over sin we first need to find the sin in our lives. We can pray for God to show us any sin that is in our lives. Then, we need to find what it is that triggers us to sin by whatever it may be. When you find out what triggers you that's when you begin to step on the head of satan.

It's not easy letting go of sin, especially if it something that you want or like to do. But you will be blessed majorly if you just let it go. I find that I need to listen to myself right now because sin is in every single person's life. Only God is perfect, so don't get down on yourself. He loves you!!! Don't ever forget that. Let God change you from the inside out. Love you all!! Be blessed!!


What Is Worship?

So today during worship I was sitting on the floor and all of a sudden this question popped into my head,

what is worship?

So I started to think and ask God to reveal to me what worship is. I thought about it for a while and then decided to look up what the word worship means in the dictionary and here is what it says,

Worship - reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.

So that's what the WORD means, but what does worship really mean? I think my definition of worship is to place the focus off of myself and onto the Lord and who He is. I think it is placing all trust and hope in Him and letting Him have control. I think worship is not being afraid to say that you love God and want to live according to His will.

Worship can mean many different things depending on the person. Some people are more quiet and others are more.. well loud! And different personalities means different meanings and different ways of worshipping. Either way, it really doesn't matter what you worship like as long as it is to the Lord and honoring to Him.

But I want to challenge you since God has challenged me to think about worship this weekend and ask God to show what worship means to you. It's time to stop letting the world tell us what to think and say and do and let God tell us. Love y'all and have a blessed weekend!!!!!!



God has been teaching me something that I want to share with you. I feel like I've been growing and maturing spiritually. I feel like I'm not drinking milk anymore but that I am finally able and ready to eat God's food (read 1 Corinthians 3:2-3 if you don't understand what I mean). I don't understand all the things in this world and why they go on and become what they are but I do understand that God has a plan in everything and everyone. I understand that even when all things seem to go wrong God is still there.

But there are still things in this world that I have to sit and scratch my head about. I pray about why it happens and still don't get it. I think the reason for that is because if I understood every single thing that happens in this world I wouldn't need wisdom or help because I would know and understand everything. That's one of the many reasons we NEED God, because if we didn't know the Lord and search Him and His Word we wouldn't have any peace at the times when we are confused and lonely and don't know why something is the way it is.

What am I supposed to do? Why does "this" have to happen? Do people have to act "that" way? How can I live for You? What do You have in Your plans for me? Those are just some of the questions I wish I had all the answers to and understood. But I'm not the Lord (duh!) and I don't understand half the things that He does and I am learning to be okay with that. I don't have to understand everything and I don't need to. Sometimes it's best if I don't know some of the reasons for why things happen. The Lord is my Savior and He is all I need and He is my hiding place and I have nothing to fear.

I love you all and hope you are so blessed today!!


Faith in God or faith in men?

"And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God." 1 Corinthians 2:4-5

I read that verse last night and I love how it is just so clean and simple. The verse speaks something that is incredible but extremely easy to grasp but sometimes not as easy to do. The verse is saying that don't put your faith in men and allow someone who gives you that "mountain top" experience at church to become what you hold on to, but put your faith in God that no matter what the season or what's going on you know God is there and hold on to HIM.

I was so guilty of going to church for all the wrong reasons a few years ago. When I actually accepted Jesus into my heart and was growing in my personal relationship with Him I went to church because I was getting a high on Jesus from my pastor. But God brought to me that my faith is not based on feelings, because feelings come and go, but my faith is based on Him and His Word alone. It was a difficult truth to learn because things were telling me all this different stuff and people were basing their faith on feelings and I thought, why not me too? But God has taught me to go against the grain and allow myself to be not of this world but of His Word.

I want to challenge you to put your complete and total faith in God as will I and let's just let God be our King and Lord of our lives. I have a feeling that lives are gonna get changed. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith, if you fall God will catch you. I love you all!!!


The Foolish One

"But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty." 1 Corinthians 1:27

I love that verse. I think it is incredible that God would choose me (a foolish thing) to show His glory through. I consider it an honor to be able to praise my Savior and live in Him and love in Him. I am certainly not deserving of that and it is incredible to have a great King who would love me and choose me.

There are people in the world that are so wise and smart and that is amazing - truly is. And then there are some of us (me) who isn't as smart but is blessed with God's wisdom. And it is pretty amazing when God brings something to my mind that is considered 'deep' because I'm not one of those people who constantly thinks deep thoughts. It is definitely NOT ME but GOD THROUGH me. And only He can get the glory and praise for it.

I am also a weak thing and only with God's GREAT STRENGTH can I go on and live in His plan for my life. There are days when I don't think I can go forward and just pray that God will take me through it because I know on my own I can't get through any of it. I love it when I come to the realization that on my own I am nothing and can do nothing but with God I can do all things.

Jesus is my life. He can do so much and if you give Him your heart and life you will be completely amazed and in awe of Him. And your life will have so much more meaning and purpose. If you accept Jesus into your heart (prayer in pink on the side of my blog) let me know by commenting so I can pray for you. Love you guys!!! Be blessed!



"Idolatry is placing our longings for what only God can provide in the hands of a creature instead of the Creator." -Dan Allender

I read that quote earlier this morning and that it was really interesting. So many times we go to people to help us fulfill our desires and dreams when the whole time God is saying, "Come to Me. I will help, let My will be done." But if you are like me, then sometimes you are hard-headed and go ahead with what you think is right. I've learned not to question God and His will. He always knows what He's doing (don't you just LOVE that about Him?!!). My longings and dreams are just that, mine. And sometimes God has placed those longings and desires there for His Kingdom and glory and other times He has put those desires and longings there so we can learn to surrender to Him and allow Him to have His way.

Why do I question God's will? I mean seriously, He completely knows what He is doing but still somehow I think I can do slightly better. AND I CAN'T. When I do my will and try to go with my flow things to work out quite like I picture them. But when I go with God's flow I find that life is so much more blessed and amazing.

There is a God shaped hole in all of our hearts and only can that hole be filled with Him, not with people, not with things, not with anyone but the King. There are special longings and desires you have that only God can complete and fulfill. The question is will you let Him? I pray you will. love you all and have a great weekend!! Be blessed!



This day 8 years ago something horrific happened. A lot of people died and our innocence as a Country was betrayed. Let's not forget the effects that September 11th had on us as a people and pray for the loved ones of those who died.

Be thankful that God is with us and He has saved us. Amen!! God Bless America! And God bless you!!

The Worst

I learned something about myself that I'm not very proud of. When it comes to people I don't know I tend to think the worst of them before I think the better. It's not like this was something I was doing on purpose, I really and truly didn't realize it. But none the less I was doing it and I shouldn't have. I am not perfect and only forgiven by God's grace. Amen!

God brought me this passage in Romans 14:1-4 today,
"Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things. For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand."

I have no right to judge anyone or think the worst of someone because we are all the Lord's (Romans 14:8) and God loves us all equally. God broke me with that passage and is teaching me that He alone is the Judge. I guess the reason that I thought the worst of people was because it makes me feel better about myself. Thank You, Jesus, for being faithful in pointing me straight when I get it wrong. God is so good and just and faithful. I strive now to think the best of people before even thinking about the bad. Be blessed!!



I've been learning something interesting about when God speaks. When God speaks to my heart and tells me to talk to someone about Him, I should move right then. But you know what, I don't always do that. What usually happens is I hear God tell me to talk to someone and I begin running through possible scenarios and then end of talking myself out of it. It's not like I try to talk myself out of it, it just happens.

But God has been showing me that in order to do His will I have got to stop questioning everything and just move on His Word and will. Much easier said than done, but if I allow myself to get in the way of His will life is gonna be messed up. I have a God who is so mighty and big and just wonderful and I spend my time trying to get Him to not "make" me do something that maybe is uncomfortable for me to do.

But that's what being a follower of Jesus is all about. Being willing to get out of the comfort zone and be uncomfortable and do God's will. In God's Word He says, "For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." Romans 11:29 So we can't get away from His will. What He has called us to do we should do. There shouldn't be any fear because God is always with us (Joshua 1:9) and in the Bible He tells us 365 times to not be afraid. That's a "Do Not Be Afraid" for every day. We have nothing and no one to fear.

So let's step out and be who God has called us to be. Lets move!!!! God bless!


Love & War

Today a wonderful CD is coming out. "Love & War" by BarlowGirl is out today and it is an incredible CD. I highly suggest you go out and get it because it has blessed me a lot. I listened to the whole album and some of my fave songs are "Time For You to Go" and "Running Out of Time". The girls have matured noticeably. Spiritually and physically. It's a great CD so please support them. They are really great women of God and are shining the love of Jesus Christ through their music.


Happy Labor Day!

HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having the best, most blessed Labor Day ever and that your Monday is fantastic. God bless you!!!!

Shut The Media Off

Have you ever noticed how the media has a say in everything? The media sways our votes and morals because nobody wants to be the "odd one out". The media has way too much say so in our world. And I think it is time to start pushing back. It's time to shut the media off.

I'm tired of the media telling girls to dress like "this" or talk like "that". I'm tired of the media telling guys that if you don't have sex with every girl in the world then you aren't "cool". You want to know what is cool? Cool is when you are a radical person for Christ who doesn't care what's in style or who says what because you allow God to be your Voice. Someone who knows who they are in Jesus and doesn't back down and stands for God regardless. That is my definition of cool. You can differ from it if you want (it's a free Country so we can do that ;) but that is my opinion.

To not have a voice in this world is a very sad thing. Here is the way I look at it, I have a voice right now. I have the right to free speech (though sometimes it doesn't feel that way) so if I don't take the opportunity to say what I want to say that is really dumb. Especially when there are many countries out there who aren't even allowed to say the name of Jesus (probably because Jesus' name is just so powerful they are afraid). I don't want to take for granted my right to say what I want when I want especially when saving souls is involved.

I want to encourage myself as well as you to step out, don't be afraid to challenge the media and don't let them take your morals. If we don't speak up then someone else will and it may not be what you want to hear. God has called us out of the way of the world and into the way of His will. Our actions make a difference in this world. Maybe your actions don't seem that big of a deal but you would be surprised how many people are watching you. Are you gonna stand with me? I hope you do!!


10$ Shirt Sale

Wanna show off you faith?

Well C28.com is having a wonderful Labor Day sale with a ton of shirts for 10$ each! You can't beat that at all!!!

Want to get extra savings? Go to www.c28.com/186708 and get an extra 10% off of your purchase! Please support this ministry! God bless!



Okay, well God has been trying to show me something and He got through to me. Through a good friend and a godly leader He showed me that I'm going to have sin in my life regardless of how much I work.

I read this today (after a lovely email from a friend),

"Proverbs 28:18 He who walks blameless is kept safe. *God called us to live blameless not sinless!" -Shaun Alexander

That rocked my world because I just realized that the past few weeks, maybe months, I have been striving not to sin and be "perfect" which I know I can't be, but I had no idea that I was really trying hard not to have a fault. And read that part that Shaun said, "God called us to live blameless not sinless!" just messed me up! Sometimes I forget that while God doesn't want me to sin He knows I will so to strive not to sin is stupid. But to strive to glorify even when I sin is something that can be possible because when I sin I can recognize my need for the Savior and His forgiveness.

I wanted to share with you that while we are all sinners God still loves us and there is nothing that can stop that love and there is nothing that can get between that love (not even sin) because Jesus took the Cross to end all of that. The LORD still chooses us and if we choose Him our lives will be rocked out of this world.

This was something that God touched me with. Hope it blesses you!



Everyday is a struggle. Everyday is a trial. Everyday is a battle. But through it all Jesus is there and He is my hope.

Living for Christ can be so hard but I cannot say how worth it it is. Sometimes I struggle with God's will for my life. Sometimes I don't know what honors Him and what doesn't. It seems sometimes that no matter how hard I try to praise His name, I end up flat on my face in sin. But the awesome thing is God is a GREAT God. He knows when I'm gonna sin and why. He knows how I struggle and He understands.

When things get tough, when I don't know what to do and where to go I have Christ. And you do too. He is there to love on us and for us to love on Him and when things get too hard for us He will help. I know that I need to just trust God with where I am and let Him do His will and that His name will be glorified. God never has told us that living for Him will be easy. He has never put in His Word that we will have a "walk in the park" living for Him. But He does have a gift for us that goes beyond all gifts if we choose to really live for Him. That gift is eternal life and we get that because Jesus took our sin on the Cross.

I think it's a pretty small price to live for Him and live forever. So that was something that was on my heart. Love yall!!


Mine Forever

"My heart may fail, but not You, You are mine forever." - My God's Enough (Psalm 73) by Barlowgirl

That was what I was worshiping to this morning. And as I was singing those words my heart was crying out to God and really saying, God, I know that I won't live forever and that people will leave me and things will fade away but truly You are mine FOREVER. Those words are continually running through my mind now because it is just so true.

As I think about those words many things do cross my mind. Like how even though I know I have the Lord forever and that no one can take away my relationship with Him I sometimes don't live like I know that. And I know that sometimes I don't always live like I have hope even though I do. God has been convicting me of that because if I (a Christian) don't live like I have hope than how in the world can anybody else (not a Christian)?

If God is for us who can be against us? The answer to that question always stays the same, no one. People can hate us, people can say stuff about us but no one in this big world of ours can ever be against us. I have learned that people are looking for hope so much. They want to know that there is a God who loves them. And I have the chance to tell that one person, whoever they may be, that Jesus Christ loves them and forgives them and their hope can be found in Him.

I've decided that my attitude will reflect that I have God- forever. That no one can take Him away from me and I will live for Him regardless of the circumstances. There are too many chances in the world to share Jesus and to miss one simply because my attitude wasn't right would be a huge loss. Thank Jesus for gently pointing to our faults. He is AWESOME!!! Love y'all!


He Knows Me

God knows me.

That is something that I have been thinking about over and over and over again. How does God know me? Well, He created me so it's only natural for Him to know who He has created. But sometimes I have such a longing for someone to know me, yet God has known me all my life.

But I so easily forget that. I so easily go through life looking for someone to know me and love me but yet there is and always has been Someone who has known me forever. He knows my thoughts, my heart, the deepest desires I have, and then He knows all the stupid I have done (and will do for that matter) and all the sin that I have committed. Which would lead to the question of, why would He know me or want to know me and even more than that, who would He love me?

I can't say I know why He loves us all the way He does. I guess because He created us and don't we always love what we have made? Well, not always but more often than not. But it really does make me wonder why He would love me. I mean not you, because you are great, but why ME? Because the Lord knows that there are many more people in this world who come closer to deserving His love than me. People who haven't made as many mistakes or said as many stupid things or thought as many crazy thoughts. But all that aside He has chosen to love me. And for that I am grateful SO very much.

I've learned though, that it's not about me and why He would love me or anything like that. I am have learned that it is time to be still and know that He is God. I have learned that He takes so much time to know me and love me and I should do the same. And I shall do the same. It may be a process because I can never fully love God or know God but I can try. I have learned that life is not about me. I repeat it is NOT about me. And sorry to tell you (if you didn't know) it's not about you either. It's about Jesus Christ and living for Him. Life is about knowing Jesus and making Him known and allowing Him to use us for His Kingdom.

So that was just a bit of what God has been showing me and with all that said may I also say HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! Hears to a new month filled with God's love and blessings! I love you all!!!!