Everyday is a struggle. Everyday is a trial. Everyday is a battle. But through it all Jesus is there and He is my hope.

Living for Christ can be so hard but I cannot say how worth it it is. Sometimes I struggle with God's will for my life. Sometimes I don't know what honors Him and what doesn't. It seems sometimes that no matter how hard I try to praise His name, I end up flat on my face in sin. But the awesome thing is God is a GREAT God. He knows when I'm gonna sin and why. He knows how I struggle and He understands.

When things get tough, when I don't know what to do and where to go I have Christ. And you do too. He is there to love on us and for us to love on Him and when things get too hard for us He will help. I know that I need to just trust God with where I am and let Him do His will and that His name will be glorified. God never has told us that living for Him will be easy. He has never put in His Word that we will have a "walk in the park" living for Him. But He does have a gift for us that goes beyond all gifts if we choose to really live for Him. That gift is eternal life and we get that because Jesus took our sin on the Cross.

I think it's a pretty small price to live for Him and live forever. So that was something that was on my heart. Love yall!!

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