He Knows Me

God knows me.

That is something that I have been thinking about over and over and over again. How does God know me? Well, He created me so it's only natural for Him to know who He has created. But sometimes I have such a longing for someone to know me, yet God has known me all my life.

But I so easily forget that. I so easily go through life looking for someone to know me and love me but yet there is and always has been Someone who has known me forever. He knows my thoughts, my heart, the deepest desires I have, and then He knows all the stupid I have done (and will do for that matter) and all the sin that I have committed. Which would lead to the question of, why would He know me or want to know me and even more than that, who would He love me?

I can't say I know why He loves us all the way He does. I guess because He created us and don't we always love what we have made? Well, not always but more often than not. But it really does make me wonder why He would love me. I mean not you, because you are great, but why ME? Because the Lord knows that there are many more people in this world who come closer to deserving His love than me. People who haven't made as many mistakes or said as many stupid things or thought as many crazy thoughts. But all that aside He has chosen to love me. And for that I am grateful SO very much.

I've learned though, that it's not about me and why He would love me or anything like that. I am have learned that it is time to be still and know that He is God. I have learned that He takes so much time to know me and love me and I should do the same. And I shall do the same. It may be a process because I can never fully love God or know God but I can try. I have learned that life is not about me. I repeat it is NOT about me. And sorry to tell you (if you didn't know) it's not about you either. It's about Jesus Christ and living for Him. Life is about knowing Jesus and making Him known and allowing Him to use us for His Kingdom.

So that was just a bit of what God has been showing me and with all that said may I also say HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! Hears to a new month filled with God's love and blessings! I love you all!!!!

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 may I use part of your devotion for mine? I will give credit to you of course. This is one of the best I have ever read!


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