Okay, well God has been trying to show me something and He got through to me. Through a good friend and a godly leader He showed me that I'm going to have sin in my life regardless of how much I work.

I read this today (after a lovely email from a friend),

"Proverbs 28:18 He who walks blameless is kept safe. *God called us to live blameless not sinless!" -Shaun Alexander

That rocked my world because I just realized that the past few weeks, maybe months, I have been striving not to sin and be "perfect" which I know I can't be, but I had no idea that I was really trying hard not to have a fault. And read that part that Shaun said, "God called us to live blameless not sinless!" just messed me up! Sometimes I forget that while God doesn't want me to sin He knows I will so to strive not to sin is stupid. But to strive to glorify even when I sin is something that can be possible because when I sin I can recognize my need for the Savior and His forgiveness.

I wanted to share with you that while we are all sinners God still loves us and there is nothing that can stop that love and there is nothing that can get between that love (not even sin) because Jesus took the Cross to end all of that. The LORD still chooses us and if we choose Him our lives will be rocked out of this world.

This was something that God touched me with. Hope it blesses you!

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