Lord, I know You are God and I am trying so hard to place things into Your hands but this has been one rough month. I am facing trial after trial and don't know what to do except pray and worship You, since You are worthy to be praised. I know through my trials You will be glorified and that my actions during trials says everything, but God, I'm not sure I can take anymore trials. They are hard and I am weak. I need time to rest in Your strong arms. I need to see You in the fire with me, to be able to glance above and know that there is an ending to this all. And even as I type this, I know that You are here even when it doesn't feel like it. When all I have is just a little tiny glimpse of hope and light that are before me I will take that and cling to You! God, You are my Rock. I can press into You and get as close as possible and not be afraid that You will break or leave me. People have hurt me, abused me, and because of that I have abused people and hurt people. Hurting people, hurt people. But God, Your grace is Awesome and Your love is incredible. I cry to You so loudly because You are my Healer, Deliverer, Lover, Maker, Father, and everything else. I sit here, raw before You, with all my mistakes, emotions, and heart completely translucent. You see me for me and that's all I have ever wanted. I love You, Father God!!! You are mine and I am Yours, forever.

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