Shut The Media Off

Have you ever noticed how the media has a say in everything? The media sways our votes and morals because nobody wants to be the "odd one out". The media has way too much say so in our world. And I think it is time to start pushing back. It's time to shut the media off.

I'm tired of the media telling girls to dress like "this" or talk like "that". I'm tired of the media telling guys that if you don't have sex with every girl in the world then you aren't "cool". You want to know what is cool? Cool is when you are a radical person for Christ who doesn't care what's in style or who says what because you allow God to be your Voice. Someone who knows who they are in Jesus and doesn't back down and stands for God regardless. That is my definition of cool. You can differ from it if you want (it's a free Country so we can do that ;) but that is my opinion.

To not have a voice in this world is a very sad thing. Here is the way I look at it, I have a voice right now. I have the right to free speech (though sometimes it doesn't feel that way) so if I don't take the opportunity to say what I want to say that is really dumb. Especially when there are many countries out there who aren't even allowed to say the name of Jesus (probably because Jesus' name is just so powerful they are afraid). I don't want to take for granted my right to say what I want when I want especially when saving souls is involved.

I want to encourage myself as well as you to step out, don't be afraid to challenge the media and don't let them take your morals. If we don't speak up then someone else will and it may not be what you want to hear. God has called us out of the way of the world and into the way of His will. Our actions make a difference in this world. Maybe your actions don't seem that big of a deal but you would be surprised how many people are watching you. Are you gonna stand with me? I hope you do!!

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