"Idolatry is placing our longings for what only God can provide in the hands of a creature instead of the Creator." -Dan Allender

I read that quote earlier this morning and that it was really interesting. So many times we go to people to help us fulfill our desires and dreams when the whole time God is saying, "Come to Me. I will help, let My will be done." But if you are like me, then sometimes you are hard-headed and go ahead with what you think is right. I've learned not to question God and His will. He always knows what He's doing (don't you just LOVE that about Him?!!). My longings and dreams are just that, mine. And sometimes God has placed those longings and desires there for His Kingdom and glory and other times He has put those desires and longings there so we can learn to surrender to Him and allow Him to have His way.

Why do I question God's will? I mean seriously, He completely knows what He is doing but still somehow I think I can do slightly better. AND I CAN'T. When I do my will and try to go with my flow things to work out quite like I picture them. But when I go with God's flow I find that life is so much more blessed and amazing.

There is a God shaped hole in all of our hearts and only can that hole be filled with Him, not with people, not with things, not with anyone but the King. There are special longings and desires you have that only God can complete and fulfill. The question is will you let Him? I pray you will. love you all and have a great weekend!! Be blessed!

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