So today was a very interesting day. It was a trying day and one that I'm sorry to say that I didn't handle very well. I was annoyed and agitated. Maybe I was aggravated. And it seems that I have been that way for awhile.

I have spent the past hour and a half trying to figure out why the heck I was feeling and acting this way. So I was listening to the radio and on the radio a man said that Jesus often withdrew to be alone because even He, being the Almighty King, needed time to be alone with God. And while I have been spending time with Him I have been craving more of Him. And how can you get more of God? By putting forth effort and spending more time with Him. But that didn't come to my mind so I have just been going through life spending time with God in the morning but not even attempting to put more effort and time in with Him to maybe squeeze in a few more moments of worship or reading a couple more Scriptures throughout the day or whatever.

I have decided that I really need some extra time with the Lord so whenever I get the time now, I will choose to spend time with Him. When I spend a few more minutes in prayer I am so blessed by it because it calms me and it gives me a peace that can only be from God that no one and nothing can shake, regardless the situation or temptation.

I just wanted to share with you and give you a challenge to go forth and if you see throughout your day that you have a few spare minutes just spend a little more time with Jesus. I'm not telling you what to do because by all means you can do whatever you please, but I would like to just share that with you so if you choose to do so then good and if not that's alright. God bless you guys!! Y'all are incredible and amazing men and women of God!!


  1. Thank you for your comment. My cold is finally gone but I still sound like Kermit...lol

  2. Great post! You're right; this definitely mirrors my post on solitude. In the hustle and bustle of the everyday, I'm finding that I NEED to withdraw and head to the desert like Jesus did. Even if its just to get refreshed, it doesn't get any better than getting alone with Him. I desire that more now than ever before!

    Thank you for your sweet comment. Did I ever leave a comment saying that I am always so blessed by your heart and transparency? If not, I am!



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