You Can't Fit A Square Inside a Circle

Okay you may be going, well duh! in your head, but it goes along with this post so bare with me please. :)

I've posted many times on the God-shaped hole in our hearts but God brought something visual to my mind the other night. I was thinking about the hole we all have in our hearts and the thing that popped into my head was a square and the square had a circle try to fit inside it, but it couldn't. So then, a triangle came and tried to fit inside the square and it couldn't. A rectangle tried to fit inside the square and still it wouldn't fit. And God brought to me the fact that there are many things and people (or shapes) that try to fit inside the hole in my heart but the only One who can fit perfectly is Him.

It may seem really kindergarten-ish but it is the truth.

I like to think that the God-shaped hole looks like a swirly, unique, one-of-a kind shape that only Someone incredibly significant can fit in it. I have tried many times with a lot of different things to fill the void in my heart. I've used food, people, things, tv, internet, music, etc. and yet none of it satisfied me. When I finally found the Lord I found so much more than what I thought I was looking for. I found peace, love, appreciation, real satisfaction, and Someone who regardless of what is going on and what I'm going through will be there for me at the end of the day to talk to and love on me.

And God is there for you too. Sometimes it may not feel like it and sometimes it may not be easy to remember but God is there. No one and nothing can consume Him and His love for you. Satan can try as hard as he wants to get you to leave the Lord and fall away but if you fight with the help of God you will win. Satan can only tempt us, he can't make us do something. So when we sin, it is us that sin.

Have you found the One who can fill the hole in your heart? You can live in the world and be of it and try and satisfy yourself with things, people, and activities (parties, clubs, bars, etc.) but until you find the God of Heaven and experience Him you will never be satisfied. I pray that you find Him because He is the most wonderful, beautiful, powerful, amazing God that will rock your world beyond belief. I love you all!!! Be blessed!

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