Asleep in His Arms

Well, October is now upon us. I am extremely excited! I love the beginning of a new month because it's like a fresh start, a new season, a time to be who God has called me to be. It's amazing!!

So, I have had such a longing these past few days to just sit with the Lord and lay in His lap and just let all my thoughts and emotions out. I kinda feel like I've held in all my emotions and kept them from Him. I usually sit and listen to the Lord and talk with Him, but I just really haven't wanted to the past month. I feel like all these problems keep piling up and no matter how much I do this or that nothing happens. I guess that's better than having something happen that ends up being more than I can handle.

But you know what? God showed me something that has changed my mind a little bit. He has shown me and is showing me that it's time to lay down the shell that I have been placing around my heart. That it is time to not be afraid to show my emotions and heart to Him and to other people as well. It's hard, really hard, for me to show my emotions. I have always been somewhat emotional, but I don't show that to people. I feel sometimes, like if I show my emotions to other people then they will take advantage of that.

God has been speaking to me and He is speaking to you too and this is what He is saying-

"My Beautiful Child,
I love you. I love you as you are and nothing can ever change that. I want you to open your heart to Me. I know you have been hurt before, but I will NEVER hurt you. It might be hard for you to believe but if you will give Me a chance to love you and take care of you then you might find out that I am serious. Remember this - I LOVE YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!"

Today, at some point (whenever I get some spare time) I am going to crawl up into my Daddy's lap and just let everything out. I need time to cry, to scream, to pray, to worship, to get everything off of my chest. I am going to fall asleep in His arms and let Him reveal Himself to me. And maybe you need to sit in the Fathers arms too. Sometimes it's the best to just let it ALL OUT. Because when we lay everything at the feet of Jesus we can be blessed so much more than you or me could ever think. Stay blessed!!! And happy October 1st!!

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