Enjoying God's Beauty

Yes, that is what I am doing. Enjoying God's beauty!!! :) The Lord has made so many beautiful things (whether it be people, nature, animals, etc.) and I don't take enough time to just thank Him for all the beauty He has placed around me, much less spend some time enjoying.

So as I have said many times before, fall is my favorite season. I love fall and everything that comes with it. Especially the leaves! I love to look at the beautiful colors that the leaves change into. And so today I went outside and gathered some of the most beautiful leaves I could find and decided to press them (put them between wax paper then iron them *with a towel on top so it doesn't melt the wax paper*). I try to do it every year because it sort of celebrates God's beauty in my opinion.

I just wanted to encourage you that wherever you are, just take a little time this weekend to enjoy the beauty God has blessed each of us with, all around us. Have an amazingly blessed weekend!!!

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