Football Mentality

As we all know, football is very big in the U.S.A. For good reason too, it's a great game and keeps most of us entertained. Something that I noticed is anytime someone interviews a member of a team after they lose usually they say something like this, "Well, we made some mistakes out there, but we just have to pick things up and move forward. We have to play a little better next week." And I think that is the mentality we need in life. We would all be so much more blessed if we said, "hey, I failed today. I made some mistakes I didn't want to make, but now I am going to move forward, forget about everything, make the needed changes and continue down the path the Lord has planned out for me."

God's grace is great enough and big enough for us to be able to do that. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our mistakes and listen the lies of the enemy that we forget about the greatness of God and His love for us all. Maybe not you, but I do. I allow some of the most stupid lies to get inside my head and instead of just moving forward and picking it up I end up going backwards.

So I want to encourage you and myself to allow God's grace to cover EVERYTHING. And believe me, God's grace really can cover everything. His love can cover everything. What Jesus did on the Cross for you and me says it all!! Pick yourself up, let God hold you in His arms, and move forward. He has a plan for you and all you have to do is wait for Him to reveal it piece by piece to you. I love you all and have a blessed weekend!!!! :))

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  1. girl, i was just dealing with this. I had to put myself completely in God's hands and say, "yesterday is over...there's nothing I can do about, so I'm done worrying, it's all in Your hands." and it revolutionized my life girl :)


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