I want to love people. Things are finally starting to click a little bit better than before. I know the love Jesus has for each one of us and how special we all are in His eyes but there are some people who don't know that love. Because of that, they go looking for it everywhere. I want to be the one person that they can come to and see the love Jesus in me. I want to pour time into people and be a light in a dark place to them.

I don't like it when people say they are ugly or stupid or worthless because it's like, hey, Jesus loves you more than you can ever know and you are worth so much to Him and you are everything He wants you to be and He really loves you!!! The only problem is there are so many people who don't believe that (some even Christians). Why? I think it's because the world has so many standards and they are completely opposite to God's standards however sometimes it's hard to tune the world out and that is why it is so important to spend time with Jesus, because when we don't all we can hear is the world's voice. Not the Voice of Truth.

I want you to know that the Lord loves you so very much. I can't even put into words how much He loves you. There is nothing that can describe His love for you except the Cross. That is His love completely. Willing to take the Cross even if it were only for You, He would have. Maybe you don't believe that but I pray that God will help you to. You are so special and important and don't be afraid to believe that. Love you guys a lot!! Stay blessed! :)

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  1. Nice point. Your devotions continue to bless me...snakebite is all better...boy, what a scare!


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