"Help Me Not Fall away..."

So I have been listening to a song by Barow Girl called 'Sing Me A Love Song' a lot lately. There is a part I love at the beginning in which they sing, "help me not runaway" and later on, "help me not fall away". Both of which I pray for in my heart. I thought I did before, but I was wrong.

The song really touches my heart. Sometimes I get so scared that I will get caught up in the world and lose my heart for Him and my relationship with Him. I get scared that that my eyes will stop looking upward and start looking at other things. Simply put, I get scared. But you know what I learned from the Lord? I have no need to worry. I just need to trust in Him. Have faith in Him. Love IN Him.

My whole life is in the Lord. I should be alert, but not worried because He is my King and He has my back. Just like He has your back. You don't need to worry about anything, though you do need to be alert. So many times us Christians fall asleep and when you fall asleep you are more susceptible to giving in to the ways of the world and satan. I refuse to fall asleep. How about you?

Jesus, You have my heart. You and ONLY YOU. You are my Heart and my Soul and I CANNOT live without You. Keep me awake, Lord. I don't want to fall asleep on You. Help me not fall away or runaway because You are always RIGHT HERE. Always. I love You!!!

Always remember He is right here with you. Jesus loves you so much! God bless!!

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  1. Thanks ;) and yes it has to be a gator jersey, got to support my boy Tim Tebow ;) lol


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