I Won't Say Sorry

There are many things that I may have to apologize for but I will not say sorry for my faith in Jesus Christ. I'm so tired of the world telling me that I should say sorry for "offending" someone because I don't believe in the same thing they do. The Bible is extremely clear on the subject that there is only ONE GOD, ONE FAITH, and ONE JESUS. I can't deny that and neither can anybody else. God is a GREAT God and there is only One.

I won't say sorry for being bold and courageous for Jesus Christ. I won't apologize for being who I am. Jesus has made me who I am right now. He is a part of me. He lives in me. If I try to separate myself from Him... well, it can't be done. He is my life. Before I became a Christian I probably would have had a different answer to who my life is, but being a follow of Jesus I am saying right now that my life is Him. My life is all about Him and when I try to make my life about myself and things that would please me, it just won't work.

The world tells all of us as followers of the King to "tone it down" or "not be so 'loud'" but if we stay silent and 'tone it down' then the people who so boldly speak about having sex before marriage and doing what "feels" good will eventually win in the world and then our purpose of saving souls and sharing who Jesus is with people will be lost. I say, if everyone in the world can say whatever they want and do whatever they want then why is it that I have to be quiet? Because it's making people feel uncomfortable? I won't say sorry for being a follower of Jesus and following His will for my life.

This was something I was thinking about late last night and just thought I'd share what God has put on my heart. Love you all! Stay blessed and have a great weekend!

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