People are Hurting

So on Monday I went for a walk and a couple streets away I saw a bunch of cops and paramedics. Then I saw in the backyard of someone, a body. I was pretty freaked out about that so I went back to my house. I sat the rest of the day trying to get the image of a person lifeless out of my head and thinking about what might have happened. I watched the news but no one said anything about something going on. So I thought maybe I didn't see what I thought I saw. I was wrong.

I found out yesterday that the body I saw was a man, who committed suicide. I thought it was somewhat odd that one the same day I wrote a post on suicide someone would die of it. And then the statistic came racing back in my head, a person commits suicide every 20 seconds. I guess since I haven't known anyone to commit suicide it wasn't as real as it is.

I was thinking about the man and his family last night. I was wondering why he may have done it and questions began pouring in, was he not able to pay the bills? did someone leave him? was he just in so much pain that nothing seemed to help him? did he know Jesus? All these questions and yet they are all speculations. Nobody really knows why he may have killed himself, but I can't help but feel like maybe I could have shared Jesus with him and maybe he would have found the Hope and Strength to continue through this life. And then again maybe not. But it makes you feel like your not doing your job as a follower of Jesus if someone is that close to me and I wasn't able to help him.

But God has also shown me that in everything He has a plan. So maybe this will bring someone to Him or maybe someone will think about their life and see that they are not worthless and that their life means a lot to the people around them and most importantly to God.

I can at least say that through this my eyes have opened a bit to the fact that there ARE hurting people around me and they need to know the Truth. And that life is too short to spend it on the safe side. Please be in prayer for the family and friends of this man. Thank you! Be blessed.

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  1. Wow, that's bizzarre. About a month ago, we all witnessed an officail at a football game pass out and die on the field from a heart attack. I am still haunted by that image...


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